You are what you eat! describes how birds recycle our resources and die.

Also we as humans are becoming equally endangered. We do not know what we eat! Salt and shugar is hid in our food withougt us knowing it.

Is 40% meat more pure than 80% calf? Should we eat fresh or preserve natural resources by cooking bigger portions to reheat with less nutritional values? Do you know if the fish you eat is male or feemale? Are the seadless drapes gene manipulated or naturally refined?

Diabetes and other folk diseases are becoming more comon and nobody is taking responsibility of cemical coctail effects. So we become what we eat, dead.

Olet Mitä Syöt!
You are what you eat! Human spieces is becoming endangered spiece.

However need to bee said; ”live free and die well”! Decide for yourself what is wort dying for.



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