Customer need vs. Logistics

Logistics play safe! In a way it is sustaineable to play safe on the volume markets. But does the customer actually need to startupp a kickstarter raising for a digibox software designed for the end consumer? The other day when I searched software for new media experience all the softwares was mimicing each other.

What annoyes me in Samsung remote is the forward rewind button. It takes some time to register the button toutch. On button toutch speeds upp the speed linearly. In earlier Division digibox it speeded upp logaritmically. It is mutch more preferable! Further more the guide presentation is usually fixed. It is difficult to zoom in and out in a guide menu. The time frame i set 2h at max why it becomes a hig deep investigation project if wanting to record some broadcast during the coming week at holiday. The chanels are often presented in a bundle of 6 paralel shows when it would be mutch easier to overview whats on if more chanels was presented at the same time. Would i watch Game of thrones on chanel 2 or 50 shades of gray on chaell 16. One has to flip between several screens and forgeting what are presented in between theese chanels.

If the customer is always right why are the producs availiable wrong?!?

Why are we exposed to such extend to producers budgets! We have to use what is availiable not what we actually want.

This is why I call upon al hackers and product developers to bring fourth a softwre witch is designed for user needs and not for the programmers comfort.


Source:–malli, last viewed 8/9-2014


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