Welness Illnes


When I initially begun to study the GNH index witch resaulted in my own theis of Wellness Index, litle did I realise the tecnological revolution bloming underneath. The consequenses are we experiencing today.

Western worlds health system is colapsing. Fewer personel are treating ever growing mas of sick people. Perhaps activity meters is a response to such treath? Keeping people active and fit preventing us from geting il. Training us to moitor our wellness on a regular basis an track it minutiously. Some agitators claim activity meters might cause stress and inlness instead.

Almost everyone has an activity meter. The ones who yet dont hace will have it since they dont want to stand out from the crowd by not having it. Parens can track their kids and HeiaHeia, Sportstracker, Polar can monitor users to improve and ease the use of servicces. Goverments are able to track down terrorists from their hideouts etc.

At it is with everything in this world if you are of balance it does not mater if you shift drugs to exessive training, one will not find balance by overconsuming anything. Where plain water gives life it also takes it, digested 3l within 10 seconds.

We are becoming more in touch with Ayurveda, able to heal ourselves before braking. This can not be harmfull! Sidhartha took his wellness to the extreme and cought the ”glow”.

This tecnological revolution is here to teach us to the right path … but as always you have to make you own conclusons not to fall pray on false gods or any other shade silhuet Mara uses to cover ones eyes from the truth.


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