Paintball guide

Beginners guide to paintball.

I’m yet a virgin to this sport with about 6 hours of play behind. Why I promote this sport above others is due to the easiness to get exercise and have fun at the same time. It is no fun to lift junk nor run on the tracks. But when avoiding hits you are eager to run for it. I found out that this is a teamsport. I repeated the mistake from the army and foolishly charge on my own running straight into a crossfire.

A bit wiser I have studied techniques to minimize visible surface and how to use the terrain for your own advantage.

While studying tactics I’ve spent a great amount of time to design own starter kit:

No 1 for me is the mask. I used hired mask so far and realized the fogging of lenses to be a serious issue for failure. I lost the hopper and didn’t realized it until I crawled into safety to clean up the lens and trying to fix the marker. Dye i 4 would be a stylish choice if it wouldn’t be for the expensive price and the uncertainty whether or not it fits my face. My choice at the moment lean to JT spectra flex 8 since it gives good area of protection, has ear protection and optionally also head coverage. Many reviews credit its foam system. This is also the cheapest of the premium anti fogging masks.

Second Desition; before deciding for accessories one needs to decide whether to go mechanical or electronic. For me the decision will be on mechanical. Since I am not a professional speedballer nor do I need to support my existence on paint volume. The speed of my finger is quite sufficient. There is no need to paint 20 balls /second  if one hit is enough.

First i taught of acquiring tippmann gyrophone but this low end device offered few upgrades. Tippmann 98 would be my second choice. I would customize it to a sniper rifle and have a spring loaded pistol for indoor close combat situations.

But yet the electronic features was consuming my attention. Why I am currently pending between Tippmann Crossover if ever exploring rapid fire options. Another alternative would be Azodin Kaos I’ve researched a lot of recommendations also for Invert Mini. On the field I’ve seen how bursted paint has entered the loader and swollen the balls jam the gun to squirt paint allover. It is extremely important to be able to do the maintenance quickly on the field without a MAcGyver kit laying at each obstacle. Crossover XVR is a bit more expensive than plain crossover but the updates are worth it. It would become more expensive to upgrade the plain crossover feature by feature than have them already mounted in XVR.

One thing I would never spend money on is a gun with pre-designed phone signals. Michael Knights car Kit was able to Interact with Knight in the movies. I doubt these guns will ever talk back to you with an intelligent conversation.

 (964 g)

Desision on Loader: As first it could be wise to save money by choosiong a mechanical one with separating wall keeping the balls friction less and as quick feeding features as possible. If needed to upgrade to battery driven Tippman crossover could follow up without acquiring another marker. (Max speed of crossover purchased board is 15 Balls/sec, the loader must be faster to obtain uncut fire stream!)

Currently I am leaning towards Dye Rotor due to Peer to Peer recommendations, It is durable in speed-ball and will last occasional woodball session. One investment is enough not needing to change up and repair broken loaders from the mid segment. (The mechanical loader could be lent to newbies who want to tire out the sport before purchasing own stuff).

A speed feeder is a must on dry days. The coverage should be as big as possible keeping bursting paint away from hopper interior.

CO2 / HPA Tank: Even thou Crossover is claimed to operate well with low pressures I recommend everyone to use Air tanks. CO2 varies in pressure according to weather and also to the rate of fire. The more you shoot the cooler the tank will become and the pressure will sink making you to spit out balls rather than shoot them at distance to its intended target. If found used but functional tanks it will be a big money saver. If the tank has paint flaws you can easily cover it up with a colors of own liking or match your clothing.

Accessories: The Jerseys and pants are not necessary but when engaged at close range they take the sting of from the most critical hits. Test shows how soft full body amours gives bruises but covers up vital areas as the partially hard armor give almost none bruises but has less coverage on your sides. Gloves may have fingers but shooting fingers and thumb should be exposed to make it easier to operate and maintaining the marker on the fields.

Future of Paintball

However I am searching for small portable walkie-talkies usable underneath the goggles. I hope some manufacturer starts to cooperate with google maps so you can plot on your lense the terrain ahead of you, gps tag your friends and even better spot enemy movement with satellite view 🙂

Gained experiences of the Crossover XVR I’ve admired before purchase. 2016 I have learned to respect second hand speedball markers. They are affordable and outperforms pure woodsball markers as XVR. As any marker you are able to bring to a speedball field but you need to be professional and extensively skilled when battling with it. A speedball marker is universal and can be brought to a scenario game without greater experience in one shot one kill mentality. Crossover XVR does have all necessary features right out from the box but same prized second hand promarkers outperform these features.

Good links:

Tippman crossover Fireing modes: (tournament caps generally range from 12 to 15 balls per second, while mechanical caps vary according to the design of the marker and the firmware used)

  • Red-Tree shot burst (when active, tree shot burst)
  • Green-Safety full auto (after 3 strokes, keeping the finger at the trigger continues to fire on)
  • Blue-Autoresponse (when activated, shot at pull an release)
  • Yellow-Semi auto (one shot burst, ball speed according to players own capacity)
  • Orange- PSP ramping (12.5 Bps, activated after three first shots, you need to walk the trigger to continue.)
  • Purple-Milennium (player must rapidly wakt the trigger to continue with 15Bps)

Own experiences to acquired equipment will follow.


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