PB higend vs entry level

What level marker should one get?

Many say 95% of accuracy comes from the paint you are using.

If so then 4% of the accuracy comes from the marker.

As 1% comes from the barrel.

But if you are aiming to the left you will never hit the target to the right. So you alone are the major influencer on if the balls are going to hit or not.

100 euro vs 1 ooo euro means one needs to spend 250 euro (1/4 of 4%) to increase accuracy 1%, is it worh it? However expensive the marker may be paint will never fly any longer how much money you keep on throwing in.

The Manufacturer does not matter much. The top brands are equal in distance and accuracy why the difference in not significant. Service might. Even thou Smart Parts went bankrupt, the mills was reborn thru GOG. Smart Parts can be upgraded with GOG parts. The industry copies everything from each other why Smart Parts inventions of electric markers, ”all american” and ”freak” designs can be found thru any other manufacturer as well.

In the same Way we can see the legacy of Mokal Aura in Valken Proton.

Valken Proton

Smart Parts Impulse is today known as JT Impulse but is rumored to become GOG Impulse and so on. Good products may shift brand but in the end they will survive in what ever clothing they are cast in.

Balls per second, does it mater? At tournaments you are restricted to certain limits why it becomes irrelevant to exceed such limits. About Pareto principle 80/20: Few are able to snipe spot on target each time why you usually test shoot and adjust the your aim to get your target. This is the only reason why you need ball speed so you get your target before he hides behind an obstacle. But if you intend to keep enemy behind a wall 12.5bps vs 2 million bps does not make the difference. Try to snap shoot behind a corner and calculate if you are able to catch a window between flying paint with tournament settings, (duck between bals). It only takes one hit to take you out, thus making it unnecessary to wais paint. There are more efficient ways of painting objects than Markers, spray gun as example or a simple paintbrush.

Technology for the money. A cellular phone has voice recognition and a lot of features for 80 buck, how mutch features does a marker give for 1500? One led screen that might play prerecorded voice commands. Do not kid yourself that you are paying for technology in a marker! My washing machine cost as much as the cheapest markers but is way smarter than any marker at the market today!

The main decision one should make when buying markers are the ergonomical differences. Witch has the most comfortable grip, is the lightest easiest to conduct ”on the run” maintenance etc. Low end markers also tend to waist air so you must decide if you want to pay for one hopper per fill or are you going thru 12 pods of paint before refilling air.

Entry level markers offer all you need but upgrade and maintenance is difficult. Mid level markers usually has all you need upgrades built in. High end markers might bring most recent innovations to the market but these tend to be included in the mid level markers over time.

Jason is good at mixing your concepts between value for money:

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