Paintball at CTC field


18.09.2015 together with colleagues from Noratel Finland we went to play 3 on 3 paintball at Coast To Coast field at Paimio.


The first game went extremely quickly. I guess the opposing team had extremely good luck by taking out both my team mates with first shots. The game was over so quickly I thought the guy retreating from my left corner was own teammate. I kept on fighting as usual until I heard my name called twice. When i looked up it was an opponent. I couldn’t believe how fast they must have advanced, in the same time as we progressed 25% of the field. My opponent had the kind courtesy not to shoot at that close range. When I realised being targeted by opposing barrel I capitulated with grace.

The games to come was a little mixed. Initially we believed one side was weaker than the other. But then suddenly it was possible to win from that side as well. I tried all my beginner skills just to realise there is no way of fighting right and win. I was extremely confused, technique should give slight advantage. I gave up systematic fighting style and relying on a defensive tactic. At the end the opposing team begun to win regularly.


I tried to figure out what made the difference. I guess it is just in the will power. Famished from the lack of nourishment and poor stamina I kind of became lazy at the end. Not by taking excessive risk as the opposing team but by not giving the little bit extra in it.


When snapshotting, giving too much surface to be targeted and not using my entire spine to make a complete shoulder roll. From the camera footage I can note the opposing team to cover a lot of ground in low profile. They were completely exhausted I was not, that’s the difference.


The speed of the game was fast and one needed to be cool and make right decisions. My eye sight however handicapped me quite a bit. I tried to put glasses underneath the goggles but skipped them. That is why I could not see opponents and was focusing only on where paint was flying from. Perhaps I will leave glasses on underneath the goggles next time.

I believe the poor results could be be explained by lack of nourishment making me lazy and not alert and creative with angles. Also my technique was off, I relied too much on own Matrix skills to dodge bullets rather than minimizing own surface at all times. This is something I will work harder on and get the technique right with the shoulder roll but also improving own endurance.

When replaying the scenarios afterwards we should have worked more on flanking the enemy. At this level it is impossible to read the map and spot weakest lines. Nevertheless we could have used the superiority advantage, attack 2 on 1. If not possible then ”goat” the enemy into an ambush. I myself ran in one.

One thing I actually used Marcello Margot explais in ”Tuck and shoot”. I anticipated at the start that my enemy would cross a certain line why I painted the lain with my colors. And the opponent walked into my rain. But at another time the opponents head was popping up so frequently up why I concentrated my fire above the box and not on the side of it. Thus giving the opponent an easy escape to next obstacle. When I see him run for it, my paint just follows in his trail. At this time I realize the opponent is getting too much of good angles on me why I need to advance. But what would have been better:

  • I abandoned my hiding and advanced closer to the opponent I knew off and exposed myself to an ambush.
  • Or should I have given up the knowledge of my opponents whereabouts and find another safe bunker where opponents have less angle on me? Perhaps experience can tell what decision to make at given situations.

Scenario 01

Another thing I need to train on is to listen and time my ”Post put shooting”. To catch a window in the opposing fire in attemt to push back the oponent.

Crossover XVR

I was also a bit disappointed with my Crossover XVR since it threw paint so inconsistently. It was quite windy but not that windy! Also a major issue to improve, not my marker but how I handle it. I need to learn how to flip it on  ground level at snug places. Train on my snap shooting aiming and perhaps also practice aiming at target while moving. Positive with Crossover is the Safety switch. In 98 it easily pops in unsafe position when bumping into stuff but on Crossover it was always conveniently under my thumb. Another thing that surprised me was how air efficient the marker was. Where my colleges filled up 2 times during the game I still had 75% air left in the bottle.

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