Action Park – Meri Teijo

Highlights from the game 25/10 at Meri Teijo


First Contact. Opponent removed from game.


First contact001 First contact Posting out (2) Geting suport

Two opponents pinning me down. As I get the other one out I get some support.

While I pin the remaining opponent down my friend is able to advance and get an angle on him to get him out of the game.

Cougt in the open

In another game I advance together with my friend but get cough at open field and I am out of the game. Learnings; We could have progressed a little more carefully but as I assessed my friend can not advance I must do so. Unfortunately he was not able to protect me. We should have regroup and change advance plans. If pinned down only the better snap shooter would have prevailed.

Alexander-Tommy-Andrei 001

Here is another advancement where I am trying to prevent the opponent taking ground by charging ahead against him. I get him out but have too much uncleared obstacles to the right why an opponent can easily tag me out. Learnings: even thou it is not good to lose your momentum, I lost it by not playing it safe.

Behind Enemy lines

This is a masterpiece made of the opposing team. By getting all around our defenses he gets to take out our anchor man and grab the flag before me realizing it was the opponent and not our own. Einar tradeoff

Players trading of.

Grabbing the flag

Victory by taking the flag when opponent has an empty marker.


We have the upper hand but are not certain of the location of our opponent. We managed to win but by sacrificing one of our own to find where the opposing team was hiding.  Superiority (2)

Clear victory By dominating the field. Our men got to grab the flag before he was hit with paint.

Supporting advance 001 (2)

This is how you help your teammates to advance into a better position. It is important to stay together and support each other.

Advance together otherwise you will loose the momentum. You are unable to pin down opponents from far distance from your teammate. If he gets called out you need to retake all the ground he already had covered.

Good skills DANGERMAN teaches is to take out the aggressive players first. If the opponents are have settled and in unknown position. Give the aggressive room to advance and lure them into open area to expose themselves. When they are gone you have most likely got more information of whereabouts of at least one more. When he is known you can advance according to calculated risks. I made the mistake not to calculate possible treats while rushing against opponent.


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