Pala Bellum


Paintball at Pala Bellum in Salo, Finland, 15.1218.

Playing with Tippmann 98 and Flip Top 12 using reballs.

First experience on a subair field and of reballs. The field was initially one sided but due to the modifiability it became more harmonic. Even thou the field was a bit small it still was possible to train efficiently ones tecniques.

Rebals however appears to be a bit discouraging. Paint balls never jammed on Tippmann 98 but reballs jammed ocationally, especially frustrating when you are making the final kill and shooting blanks revealing your surprise. Tippmann Flip Top 12 however was quite a disappointment. It was almost constantly jammed and had no accuracy when it did shoot. Malfunction of accuracy could have originated from air flow system. I didn’t check it up any further and changed back to T-98.

Enjoy the game:

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