PB mask VIO

Virtue Vio Contour mask is a nice mask. Some like Bling Bling and to some degree I do also. I prefer a practical mask with some style. Completely black mask did not have bling enough for me why I chose this Graphic Amethyst. It has style and still blends in with the shadows in a woodsball field. If I sometime can afford I will purchase another with bright colours for tournament field but for now this will do also as a tournament mask.

Most important features reviewed:

  • Lens: Thermal lens does not fog up on you, at least fresh ones. The darker the lens the les reflections you are going to get bouncing back to your field of view. But on cloudy days you might want to have a clear lens and on sunny days a reflective one.
  • Breathability: JT flex is better but this is sufficient enough, condensed air does drip of from your mouth peace. The foam has small tolerances and on my face forms a pocket where moist breathing air can sneak up to my lens.
  • Voice: It doesn’t restrict your communication to mutch.
  • Lens change: Easy enough so you might cope with one mask and several lenses depending on weather conditions. The quick release however requires screwdriver push to operate (I’ve used JT flexe and those are so hard to change you prefer to have own masks with each lense since you don’t want to change lence more than once a year.)
  • Safety: It can get a bit tight if adjusting from strap. If attempting to avoid headache and keeping the strap comfortable, it feels a bit wobbly but stays in place. If one wants it is possible to double strap it. The read warning label for loose lense is easy to by pass and be unaware of the danger? VIOs soft ears absorbs shocks better than hard ears. Also the mouth peace is soft.
  • Camera mount: There is no clear place for camera mount. The side mount is highly profiled with no attachable surface. Without the visor you are able to obtain top mount thru the venting grid.


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