Got this for a good price. If not I might have sticked with Tippmann Triumph or Halo hopper.

I was pendling between spire 200 and 260 but got the advice the 60 extra balls are so much more important from breakoff than wasting concentration on refilling your hopper. The few seconds can be a mater of laning someone out or prolonging the game with a battle of technical skill.

The extra height of hopper does not shrink ones profile since ones skull will still stick out regardless witch hopper you use.

Rotor would have been an alternative but since this is problem free with rebals the choice was easy. The light colors of spire does not fall into my liking and also black ones are not that great but these coloured are definitely doing the trick.

Positive features:

  • Easy to field strip and reassemble
  • Pod fits the hole without aiming for it.
  • Jam free
  • Despite the lack of mechanical antijam lever Spire does it electronically
  • Battery change is easy and toolless.


  • When empty, the hopper makes constant noise. You are alway able to shut the hoper of if noise is an issue.

Comments after one season of usage:

I’ve got balls shot right in to the hopper, twice. First time I got the balls all mashed up. I thought the balls broke by some fall or something, but I found foreign shell among the debris. I managed to clean it within 5 minutes when the next trainings session started. Reballs have never jammed on me. The maintenance is so easy you could almost domp the hole thing into a water bucket. But I am cautious of the circuit board and washing of all other parts very easily.


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