Tippmann Crosover XVR

918g (+ stock barrel 166g)

The marker was ordered from Progameshttp://www.progames.fi/webshop/

I ordered Olive marker but got Olive Black. I objected to this error but acknowledged the difficulty to begin the change up at the end of a very long supply chain. This is why I want to sell my Black/Olive or change it to pure Olive XVR.

The marker is a bit on the heavy side. However the mec/electro switch is fenomenal. From the box the ASA had factory damage, the thread had a dent. It didn’t leak and operated as expected. Something I notized comparing to Etha. The paint flew quite inconsistent. But when changing to a better air supply …

Another error i notized was the Tippmann screws numered as part 48. Theese was made of extremely soft metal why Ii had a hard time to get the screws out when conducting maintenance of the marker. After a couple of months i figured out how to get out the screw without damaging the rest of the body. Progames agreed to send me new screws as replacement, hope those are of harder material than aluminium.

Overall comments:

The barrel needs to be changed to a more consistent barel, perhaps A5 Apex barrel. Even thou the smart ASA is on the back side it is a bit difficult to twist on and of. Also the grip needs to be upgraded since the 2 component grip is falling apart of immediately when used. Also the logo sticker is not glued in properly. Many prises the quality of Tippmanns but perhaps American quality is beneath Chinese manufacturing know how.

Also the menu system is difficult to push and operate. But the marker has nice ergonomic to my hands and looks quite good. Even if you remove trigger spring you are not able to walk the trigger as smoothly as on professional markers.



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