PB Virtue Vio lenses

Tutorial of color choices of Virtues VIO lenses.

This article is dedicated to; How to choose a Paintball masks lense colour. The images have been screencaprured from Virtue Vio’s presentation material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vuj_F66R2E

Nowhere have I found a side by side comparison of lense visual quality why I have gathered this page to present a collection of colors for you to quickly evaluate what lense to try out and hopefully ending up with the right lense satisfying your needs. This tutorial diminishes the risk of wasting money on lenses you didn’t need.

The tree first ones are good for woodsball due to less reflection revealing your position. The lack of reflective surface also gives prolonged lifespan for the lense. The reflective surfaces are easily scratched and chips of.

I’ve not used all of the colors personally but the ones I have will be commented on (*).

Screenshot_2016-05-18-19-54-54Clear *: Good as basic lense but I trust Mike Philips (min 15:00) judgement saying eyes might get a bit sore at the end of a all day activity in bright conditions, why he prefers some shade from the choices below.

Screenshot_2016-05-18-19-56-22Smoked: Uncoated, good lense for sunny conditions but could restrict your sight in heavily clouded or indoors environment.

Screenshot_2016-05-18-19-56-28Yellow* : Uncoated, this lense is claimed to give the good contrast ratio and suits both sunny and dusk conditions. Due to the wavelength of sunlight our eyes has evolved to see yellow the best with our peripheral view. Perhaps I am still inexperienced gamer since many times I get sniped with this lense.




Amethyst* : This dims the environment a bit. This lense looks good in picture but offers little added value in real play conditions. The outwards coloureffect also fades in real life conditions.

Screenshot_2016-05-18-19-55-55Ice *: Outwards it looks blue but presents a yellowish view from inside the mask  . It’s a bit more dim than the plain yellow. Surprisingly good for airball, I could use this in woodsball as well if less experienced teammates needs my primary quality masks for woodsball.


Emerald: A teammate commented that this could be good for indoors conditions.






Gold (*): Vio gold lense may be a bit different but Dye gold lense reflects almost the same light inside the mask as the silver one below. Only the exterior colour is significantly different.


Silver (*): This feels more bright than ordinary smoke lense as these reference images can verify.


Ruby *: Out of the images shown, this lens appears to give the most vivid colours. After testing this lens I am surprised how blue the light becomes.


I’ve used non thermal lenses once (rental) and never again. I was playing at humid conditions as immortal defending a large building. Guess how much splatter I had to wipe when trying to evade thru stairs. With no visibility I needed to crawl not to brake any bones.

The antifog spray does not operate well enough. One layer lenses are on the other hand easy to wash clean. As for the dual layer thermal lenses, the foam in between will deteriorate when water destroys the layer in between. These are however protected well enough in the mask why one could gently wash of from outside and when possible release the lense and wipe of any residue between mask and lense.

In depth maintenance of Lenses:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_bMrIT3oYw

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