PB Paintball Test

Many gurus say ”It does not matter what equipment you play with if your paint is wrong”.

Some say the more expensive paint the better quality you get. For twice at lifetime rentals quality paint is not a value factor since they call themself out even of bounces.

I want to collect data of what values one might need to know when purchasing suitable paint.

In this article I’ve tested This Alpha Sniper and Empires Formula 13. The idea is to figure out metrics how to collect data of all used brands and determine what kind of play suits for you.

What makes this data collection more difficult is when you investigate the paint at the very end of the supply chain. Even if the delivery system might have succeeded in keeping the paint homogeneously good you at the end might fail. Ex. you have had your car without aircon

dition during the purchase of paint and let the paint bake in the warm car during your way home, thus ruining the paint.


First thoughts of Alpha vs Formula 13

The paint laid in shade after purchase while outdoor practice. When I got home the testing begun.

  • The first thing I did was to throw a ball at a wall. Formula 13 broke nicely but the Alpha bounced around.
  • Water test softened the shell. None of them broke.
  • Squeeze test showed how Formula13 did deform at the wet area but needed tremendous power to brake. Alpha did not brake until forced to brake.
  • Shell analysis: Formula 13 had thicker and softer shell as for Alpha it had thinner and harder shell.
  • Splatter: Alpha wins the splatter mark leaving a clear orange/pink(green) mark as for the Formula leaves a faint yellow mark.

Total experience between these two. Alpha is monsterball straight from the case as for Formula13 turns into monster balls in time.

Bombass and Zoomba

Bombas is good quality paint witch has lasted for several weeks stored in pod. The paint was green and thick the shell was medium thickness. The paint does however turn into monster balls after 6 hours of active play and bonuses but does break easier than Alpha sniper.

This is how I want my paint to operate even after a half an year stored in the pod. The shell cracks in multiple directions. Fair paint cracks in one single line and tournament grade paint is so brittle it cracks in ”million” pieces. One crack does not always paint properly and tournament grade paint can leave chips in in surprising places, causing equipment malfunctions. Bombas is the mid way in between these two. Painting enough but staying together not tainting the gear too much.

Zoomba is high quality paint which stays fresh even in humid condition. It brakes easy even the day after despite getting dimpled. The paint is thick and yellow. The shell is thick and brakes easy. I have stored the paint on open plastic bag in constant garage temperature almost a year now and I am surprised how the paint still flies spot on compared in contrast to fresh and cheaper mechanical paint.

Values how to determine paint

  • (1) Breaking of the ball: As mentioned rentals don’t need the ball to brake but scenario players and tournament players need the balls to brake. One could use a Newton meter to determine what force a ball need to brake.
  • (2) Quality of splatter: Once again rentals don’t care if the paint colors upp or not it leaves a bruce anyway. Tournament players prefer to have paint the opponent can not wash of between matches thus enhancing the risk of penalties playing with paint residue. Metrics here could be to diversify colors and the grade of visibility and wipe of possibility.
  • (3) Operational temperature: For American players there are three major climate conditions where the paint is played. Arizona dry and hot. New Orleans hot and humid. Canadian cool summer and cold winter. I myself am not familiar with these places but majority of the world’s top tournament stars do play at these areas. They are the influencer what paint sponsors they decide to use. The metrics to use here are the temperature values but also moisture value in air. At one tournament the players whined how the paint broke well at early morning but did not brake anymore at warmer evening. When changed the paint the game worked again but very next day the conditions was the opposite.
  • (4) Longevity: This is the most important value but also the most difficult value to measure. If you tight fit your bore size at the beginning of the day you need to shift ,resize, the bore when the balls brake in barrel as getting stuck of expanding of zenith sun. How much the balls expand over time should be measured. Another thing when playing in light rain is how the humidity expands or softens the shell. This could be measured thru various test. Quick wash through and pressure test compared to how long it takes for the shell to dissolve in water bath. Also old unopened bag of paint should be compared against opened bag of paint and analyse the difference between.


Ball type (1) (2) (3) (4) Summ
Alpha sniper: * *** * * 6
Formula 13: *** * ** ** 8
Bombas: *** *** ** ** 10
Zoomba: *** *** *** *** 12

The stars are in graded relation to each other from 1 to 3 stars. The worst gets one star and the best three stars. The ones in between gets two stars. By calculating the overall rating one can estimate what ball could be better than the other.

However prizing is also a value with is not evaluated in this table since I am more focuses on quality of the paint rather than on the cost of it.

More of my paintballing experiences here.

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  1. Throw-test isn’t really comparable.

    Drop test is the way to test the brittleness of paintballs.

    Both of those balls are non-tournament grade, so they might not break from ~2m to asphalt.

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