PB crosfield vs direct confrontation

Here follows a brief analysis why it is better to shoot crossfield rather than confront opponent straight on._DSC2129

However you lay up yourself you must compete to stay alive. Direct confrontation exposes yourself more to the play direction as when playing crossfield you are able hide completely from frontal view .

Direct confrontation:

  • your blind side and back are threats.
  • you must beat the opponent to the spot
  • to stay in the game you must snap shoot
  • you play alone
  • You have most likely several barrels targeting you.


  • If you have a team mate covering the other side, the middle gives opponent many flanking opportunities close to you.
  • You won’t know if your teammates are in or out of the game if you are engaged in a gunbattle.


Playing cross field:

  • You are able to cover more area alone.
  • you have the upper hand while staying in prone position.
  • by staying prone you are better able to engage one on ones without interference from other shooters.


  • When you have another player working with you opponent cannot flank you by surprise.
  • If your teammate will get shot out you will have your eyes on the situation.


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