PB Big Games

My experiences of how the Big Games 2016 went down at Jämsä Paintball.

Green team was first to defend.

I was in it. We dug down deep. My and my wing-mans fox hole was at ”Big forest” (Isometsä), close to the blue line ahead of town. It took attackers long time to reach us and slowly we retreated backwards. First time I got ”wounded” was at the border of the town in the middle. I got into a gun duel with a yellow player, he was victorious. The medic revived me so I went back to defend the Big forest. We dominated the forest but few yellow players managed to slip by all the way up to the road heading to town. I rushed to the other side preventing them to dominate both sides of the road. I got some kill shots but soon yelow players had reached the other side. They could well see me by now so I traded three players for me.

I was not informed how to spawn so I went to the town’s air station and thought it would be the respawn area. From there I headed towards the airport forest ending up at B4. The remainder of the battle occurred there on my part. The town was held very long so I could focus solely on defending the tapeline and the forest hill close by.

There was a party of boys who attempted to rush back the hill but stalemate at the hillside. For five or ten minutes they managed to keep the hillside busy until overrun by opposing masses. At that time the town was falling and we begun to get fire from 180 angle. 5 minutes left I got shot out and I thought we lost the respawn place so I returned to main campsite.

I guess we kept the bunkers B4 and B5 in our own possessions, preventing the opponent gaining those points.




Yellow team defending

We rushed the tapeline surprisingly fast. Wave after wave we pushed forward. We got B2 almost immediately. I went among the first over the ”Road to town” shouting to others it was clear. I was fatigued so I fought up straight until encountering enemies. I reached the Airport parking field but bunker (B3) was intact and there was no point of charging it if there was no ”nerf” guy among us so I continued to clean the surrounding forest. Finally I had two opponents and a lot of support from behind so I charged them ending up at an open field and shot out of the game. When I respawned back we just got the B4 destroyed and charged the ”Shed hill”(Here Green team was victorius on defending at the game before). I continued to approach the tapeline and suddenly 18 minutes left of game time we had conquered all the objectives. Since there was more than 14 minutes left the game was restarted with the remainder of time so we could continue score more points.

Read team defending

This time the defence on the right side was stronger and slowing us down but at the middle of town in the forestline I got shot out in the back, either by sniper or own but the ball did not brake. I surrendered the life band anyway to a medic. There after I came to a clear spot against the defending tower ahead. I was protected by the darkness of the forest and the tower defender was exposed each time he peaked out. My fellow mates back in town had bad angle on him so I stayed prone and surpessed him as our team climbed up to clear the tower. It turned out there was three defenders upp as we finally got the tower. As the red surrendered bunker B4 I continued by the tapeline as before. Bunker B5 was difficult. We came in from bright open field as the defenders was hidden in the thick forest. One charge and I was shot out but I traded with several read defenders. As I crawl back for medic I end up at an ant tower but evaded any ant bites. The very next charge succeeded at the exact same spot. I managed to clear out the read players who was yet again caught by surprise, this time I survived and shouted to my team it was clear and we breached the ”shed forest”. I guess someone In the shed finally took me out on my shoulder. After respawning we owned the entire field. Apparently there was less than 14 min left so we kept trading paint even thou all objectives was scored. Damned the shot hurt from the vehicle I was trying to hide from. But the medic revived me and there was not much other to do than wait for the time to run out.

Victory was ours.

The leadership was minimal but I guess the victory came from opponents error judgement.  The general could have breafed noobs how to play, we figured it out as we played. Yellow surrendered the tapeline to easy and we kept it strong. The town was ours almost to the end as in yellows defense the our respawned could freely walk around in the town and scout for weak spots to attack.

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