Paintball Gear 2016

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PE pants are good since I don´t need additional knee pads due to the heavy padding. I am sensitive why I am not comfortable with kneepads. Some like a sleek profile pants but I prefer not to wear additional kneepads. At scenario games you might kneel on rock, logs and nails, In these conditions the pants alone are sufficient for the entire day. On the speedball field I have not yet kneeled on a bunker pin.

The jersey is plain ordinary jersey. Only thing that could be improved is stickiness inside the pants. I hate it when I need to reorganise the shirt back inside the pants so my pod pack can grab on the pant back profile.

The mask is ordinary Vio witch I will upgrade with the new XS mouth piece when it is released in my country. The mask is sleak, light and comfortable. The condensed air could be aired out more efficiently for my liking, thus the upgrade. The visir is a necessity on a sunny field. The additional fan gives me cool during hot conditions and clear sight on humid conditions. The quick lense change is false advertisement. However it is thousand times easier than JT lenses but four times as hard as Proto FS lense change. You must have an additional metal rod or something when opening the quick release snap!

One necessity you must have are Two towels in your pocket. For a long time I used only one but the other one is needed since with one you can wipe of the main paint and with the clean towel polis the lense clear again. Water is sufficient replacement for the second towel but It is not always you have water to use why the second towels give me prolonged visibility.

As bounce shirt I have used JT:s soft padded shirt. The most painful hits lands always on my side why that could be improved with the next bounce shirt.

Slys soft elbow pads has proven to be extremely useful at scenario game when crawling half the day amongst the roots. I had no bruises or fatique in my arms thanks to theese pads. Since I am not yet able to dive and slide the pads operates at airball field  merely softening the hits some.

The gloves was a must since I tried to play without them but with painted hands, most my focus went to h0lding the marker in my grip rather than aiming. Next gloves I will purchase will have tree fingers covered since my current fingerless gloves are so extremely difficult to pull of your hands.

I do have some cleats but a noob can manage with ordinary sneakers as well.

As bag I use a 25 year old broken shoulder bag. Could be upgraded at some time.

The pod cooler is an absolute must in my book. The cooler keeps your paint fresh longer.

The marker

Geo3 has proven to do its job but I prefer a hoseless design and when upgrading I will change into a quick bolt release system as in Geo3.5 or CS1. The reason I prefer PE product comes from the non American heritage. I had a Tippmann but it was full of bugs why I try to avoid American quality. When choosing marker one should try the markers out according to own ergonomics. PE does not satisfy my ergonomics but the functions are better than competition.

The spire is quite ugly but I just love the features. 260 balls before gameplay, rarely need to refill the loader after break off. Also the non jamming system with reballs has been a very good addition. Also the maintenance is quick and carefree.

As tank I use an ordinary Carbon fiber 68cc with an Ninja ultralite regulator. The ball head is a bit difficult to use with pops-ASA but I can rewind the bottle and then operate the ASA that way. With ordinary piston head regulator the POPS works just fine. I covered up the tank with a NINJA cover since it can fit mixed size tanks within.

I tried different barrel covers but found the exalt to serve me best. The seems wont brake of misfiring and the rubber wire is possible to replace when exhausted. Ordinary barrel covers must be changed together with the rubber wire if the seam manages to survive supras the wire.

Forgotten items

Sandana absolute must if you have a bit longer hair. In a hurry your hair will get in your eyes in the mask if not tied up properly.


Squeegees I prefere are double sided furry and foldable. I can fold them down in my pants and leave little visible to collect dirt and debris.

Pods need to be as cheap as possible since however expensive they are they will vanish and brake the same. I prefer matt surface with white or see through plastic. Easier to pick witch pod to refill from.



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