Elements of Paintball

Paintball04_pPlaying the game: This is one important part. The more hours you spend on actual game the better your game is going to be. The balls are the most expensive part in this sport why it can be difficult to gain the necessary hours to excel.

Equipment: The equipment may be expensive but they are one time purchase as the balls are constant expense. The less you need to service in your marker the more hours you are going to be able to play. The equipment is going to fail on you and that is why it is important for you to get familiar with own equipment and learn how to perform maintenance on them. Change o-rings of regulators etc. Down time or outsourced service means you are prevented to earn your hours of play.

Technique: Most of paintball is conducted with basic tecniques why they must be constantly fine tuned so you never get lazy or of focus in combat.

Endurance: This is the reason why paintball is young man’s sport. As a pup you are able to throw yourself fearlessly in superman slides etc. Even if this is important a stiff veteran is still able to outsmart the puppies. But if you as a veteran are agile the pup will never figure out what hit them.

Teamwork: However great or invisible you yourself are. This sport is a teamsport. If you only have one marker and against numbers coming at you, you will lose. This is why walking the field is important and learning the patterns and movement series how to advance in a wider group. Learn each other’s momentum and using this knowledge to sweep the opposition.

If attempting to enter this sport your club should offer you assistance in all these areas. It is possible to practice all by yourself as well but the drive to push and advance remains absent.


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