PB ”want” vs ”need”

Beside paintballs people tend to oversend on ”wants” rather than on actual ”needs”.

Below own suggestion on how to budget ball into this sport. Initially one might beguin rental but end up as airballer. Airballer are considered as the least common divider for paintball. Airball markers are back and forth compatible as for woodsball markers stays within own realm . There are exclusive gametypes limited for pump, mag fed etc but attendants in these games tend to be experienced players. They have extensive knowledge in the equipment needed to play. A noobs needs to get the most mainstream equipment before deciding what genré actually attracts him or her. To save money on actual needs one could follow the level recommendations for rental, active player, pro baller and advanced gamer.


This table suggest somehow realistic prices. If making second hand deals you could get even better deals on premium products.

Level: Rental

The most essential piece of equipment is the mask. You can not save on it. If you do, the mask will fog up on you, thus the premium masks must be the first choice. You are able to cope wit rental or borrowed equipment a long way before it is time to decide what kind of marker you NEED, not what you want.

The second most important thing to purchase is own swab, these are cheap. Even if you are still rental, being able to clean barrel break is vital to stay in game. Rental fields may have these at respawn but you need them on the field. Barrel brakes will occur throughout ones career as paintballer.

I have found gloves to be surprisingly important. Not so much to absorb shocks but to get a steady grip of the marker when the grip is covered in paint. Ones focal point should be about 30 m away, not on your own hands handling a slippery marker.Ordinary gardening gloves does the trick.

If you are seriously turning from rental into active play you need your own hopper and air supply. These two things will grant you the shot at a critical moment, as rental gravity hoppers may dry feed. You are also able outplay other rentals if you have a lightweight and generously dimensioned tank.

Level: Active player

The order hereafter on can be discussed but as example says microfiber towels are important to keep your mask clean. Paper is good for rental lenses but microfiber will protect and stretch longevity of own lenses.

It can be wize to purchase pods before a pod pack. You might not be able to carry pods with you to the battle but you are able to purchase better quality paint and ship them in sealed containers on and of between different fields, if they allow usage of own paint. In woodsball or airball you are able to stretch a single hopper to last the game as the prepped pods waits at respawn.

If you become serious player you may want more comfortable and durable clothes to play with. Most of the hits are going to hit your upper body why pants and jersey is wize. Elbow pads offer some bounce protection and spares your elbows if crawling a lot. Now you begin to have so much equipment to ship on and of the field so you need a bag to carry them with you. Bounce shirt is good to acquire if playing regularly airball. If budget balling old washing bag is sufficient for this task. The official paintball bag should be purchased first when you begin to travel around with multiple switches to tournaments.

Marker can most of the time be borrowed from teammates who might sell that marker. Team mares are going to interact with you for a long time why they want you to be satisfied allowing you to try what works for you.

Level: Pro baller

With these sets purchased you are most likely going to continue to play paintball. The rental or borrowed marker can be replaced with educated wisdom. If your interest fades before purchasing the marker, you are still able to sell existing equipment without too much loss. You have learned werther you are occasional woodsball player or regular airballer. You know if mec mode or electric mode is your call. If you need asa and what kind of feedneck features etc. When you know your needs you will acquire the marker accordingly.

There are yet some good equipment one might consider to acquire. If you are longhaired a bandana could be good to keep the hair in place. Caps and beanies just rips of when tearing the mask constantly on and of, but the headband stays tight. Depending on what Paintball pants one got kneepads are redundant. If knee sliding a lot additional knee padding might come in handy. I don’t like to wear them underneath the pants, they are more comfy on top of the pants. Even though you might cope with ordinary sneakers cleats gives you a smidge more friction against the turf. I have not yet purchased a pair of sliding pants but it is under investigation what type of pants do I really feel comfortable with, or is it a waste of money.

Level: Advanced gamer

You are now educated enough to determine what types gear suits your play style and what upgrades you NEED to advance. These are my first years suggestions to acquire  according to own experience. As I got wizer I recognized the need of a harness for big games. In the harness I can carry with me all things I don’t want to get stolen at the locker area.

Remember it is better to support your closeby paintball activity rather than funding external internet retail sellers who don’t even know you siblings names. This makes it possible to return to a paintball field sharing the love for this sport.





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