PB trafic rules

When you are pedestrian or behind the wheels you are able to make right choices at right time. Why is this principle so hard to utilise on paintball field?

  1. As pedestrian you look for the distant danger first.
  2. Then you search for the danger closest to you,
  3. Were after you initiate the crossing and securing that nothing new has emerged at the distant lane.

This same principle could be used at sub air field

  1. When you peek behind your own bunker, scan first the distant ones and
  2. scan the closer threatening bunkers, if they seems to be clear /(ducked down)
  3. go and reassure you nothing new has happened at the back corner bunkers as you push forward.wrapngo


Good technique to practice moving up at paintball field, ”Wrap and go”:

To wrap seems to mean taking a step outside your cover in order to be able to find distant targets behind it. Right at the bunker, with the same angle you would be blocked of by own bunker. But being able to wrap you need to create freedom of movement outside the bunker before wrapping.

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