Batle history and Paintball Team tactics


Woodsball and Air Ball / Speedball is a bit different so the following article describes teamwork for woodsball. There are a lot of training material showing how one is able to improve playing skills on individual level but paintball is not a one man’s sport. However great you are alone the team who operates tighter together will win. Below some of the better videos of how to operate as a team at paintball field.

The differences between woodsball and airball are the field sizes and the amount of bunkers. Airball is much more intense and bunkers at woodsball field more disperse prolonging the games. Airball field is tight, it is difficult to flank when all opponents are in game. The format is short why stealth is of little use in airbal but in woodsball stealth is of greater value.

The possibilities for flanking is much greater at woodsball field. At airball field active communication is the key so you continuously know when opportunities present themselves. In woodsball flanking by tactic is more important since communication occurs by stealthy hand signals.

In this article I will focus on group formations as teamwork.

Battle history


By understanding how history has repeated itself you are able to avoid repeating ancient mistakes and doing the right thing at the right moment.

I am not completely familiar with ”The art of war” but as much as I have understood it, the best way of winning a fight is by not even needing to fight. Historically diplomacy contracts has been used when avoiding war but this article focuses on team strategies which can be adopted into the game of paintball.

Direct confrontation is won by having numbers on your side. But you are able to turn the table around if you are able to surprise the opposition. Throughout history battles have been won by ingenuity and flanking opposition.

Alexander the Great had significantly smaller army with him at Gaugamela. Persians had numerical superiority by their plain infantry. Their ranks reached left and right far much further than Alexander’s men could protect. As in Paintball your eyes anatomical restrictions limits the possibility of fighting direction so also in ancient time, the formation fights only forwards. The maneuverability on formations was weak at its flanks. Alexander had engineered lances giving own infantry superior range against Persian infantry. But by offering the Persians a bait flank Alexander dominated how the play would go down. Dareios, the Persian king, had very little choice other than grab the tactical advantageous looking bate. It also appeared Alexander was fleeing the field why Dareios needed to divide his cavalry by chasing Alexander.  But as Persian battlefield was divided Alexander could begin the flanking operation first by by disintegrating Persian riders chasing him. He used his hidden melee spear throwers running alongside him. Unable to counter this maneuver Dareios redraw from the field, knowing when the flanking from the side was initiated the entire row would fall. The divided army could not in disciplined manner regroup to counter Alexander’s shock attack.

Now Alexander had 2 choices ”keep calm and play” or ”lose his head.”

The bait flank was slowly being run down by the remaining chariots. Would you win the day by focusing on a replaceable King and lose your entire army if own flank protection collapsed. Or would you save your army to keep on playing another day? Alexander rescued his army and continued to outsmart persian troops, and finally  in the end conquer Persian kingdom and much more.

The Roman battles was also fought similarly, by disciplined maneuvers searching for weaknesses in foe flanks. Sometimes the ingenuity gave ”Barbarians” the upper hand but most of the time it favoured ”Romans”. At the end of Romans reign, their engineuity was depleted and resources divided and scattered. The masters had lost their focus. This is why paintball is a true sport. Even if you are the best of the best you have to constantly stay in focus, not to lose.

Implementing history in paintball

Here some videos how disciplined teamwork will give you the upper hand on paintball field.

Confusion Engagement

In this video you are breaking the opponent’s momentum or taking charge of the situation by dominating the rules/ expectations as Alexander the Great did.


This video shows how ”Romans” gathered intel by dancing around with the enemy and exploring flanks and when such was found strike hard.

Anti Ambush drills:

Here you see how the front man falls back. The flanks increases the target area to aim at. The point man returns fire immediately to the direction shots was heard from. This all is done at the open and becomes more visual. In the woods closest cover would be the retreat points. Point man communicates now where the treat is and the team assists him. Then according to point mans advise the team flanks the ambushing force. At open field the correct position would be belly down response. This formation operates as Alexander’s bait flank expecting to meet heavy resistance. Not everyone are going to survive but the persistence would be fierce when fulfilling the given objective, to recon for ambus.

In this video you understand how one is able to stay focused and close flanks if outmanoeuvred. The team who is more efficient and prepared in cutting losses will win. Alexanders bait flank had a difficult task, and thanks to prevailing as long as they did Alexander could come to rescue the day.

The aussie drill is good defense against this kind of vedge.

Here another routine to conduct if observing stronger and weaker objectives.

Hammer Offense

Here you get to see the Alexander Flanking bait in action.

Force Modifier:

Here you also bait a larger force against your smaller one. As Alexander’s bait flank, you need to know when to redraw and save what is left of your forces. You can go after the King and sacrifice your self/army or return to play another battle.

History with learned skills

Ramses III vs Hittite

Hittite manages to feed Egyptians false information. Ramses III makes a haste decision rushing for the objective (Kadesh), scattering his marching formation. Hittite spring the trap, their chariots stealths the Egyptian fank in the middle. The ambush was a success and many elite troops flee the field.

Learnings: Ramses III grabs the bait and loses the communication with his troops. The Hittite also manages to further split the communication between Egyptian forces.

Egyptians had a surprising defence, loot. As the Hittite massacre the flank their advance halts. They had the dominance but the foot soldiers began to plunder Egyptian bodies. Also Hittite makes a mistake.

Learnings: The collective and individual objective is not shared. Despite the general plan is informed to the troops. The troops lose their focus and invent own missions away from the main objective.

As the Hittite plunder Ramses III gather his resources and counter attack. This re boost the moral of egyptian troops and with new spirit the forces clash.

Learnings: Doing something is better than doing nothing as the elite troops who fled the battle. Ramses also lead with own example inspiring his dying army to focus/”catch second wind”.

This all stalls time so the scattered Egyptian troops may unite. As the stealth flank turns to charge Ramses III, his last troops arrive in the back of Hittite and repaying Hittite the flanking favour right to their rear. Muwatalli the Hittite king makes a mistakes. He relies on his already deployed troops and lets the infantry reserve rest, thus losing the momentum. Also the Chariot technology favour Egyptians since they are more mobile as Hittite can carry more but are now stuck without maneuverability in the miele battle.

Hittite retreat North of Kadesh and Egyptians holds their ground at the south. Together the forces sign a truce of redrawl. The armies continues to clash on for some time but at one point a emerging Syrian threat unite Hittite and Egyptians. The battle of Meddigo is yet another story of biblical proportions.

Overall learnings: Stay focused and committed to the objective and given strategy. If the leadership fails as Ramses III initially did, stay focused regroup and make the best of the given resources at hand.

If you are going to refer to these historical events please do find them from legitimate sources for facts.

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