Triplex Acies Paintball


The borrowed picture is merely to illustrate Roman solider of the time period as this article focuses on Roman formation strategies converted

 to paintball.

Suggestion how to differentiate and utilise troops on paintball games in Roman style.

Contubernium: 6-8 players

Century: 60 players 

Maniple – 120 players 

Velite (1200) – Rental players

Rental players most likely don’t own own equipment but uses rental for play. These are the most dangerous generating friendly fire why these you do not want to have behind  your active troops. Puch them up to provoke engagement and recon oppositions readiness to answer to attacks. The ones who have hearts in paintball will raise up in ranks.

Hastati (1200) – Beginner first year players

These has purchased some own equipment. These are fairly aware of how the game of paintball is played. They are not yet skilled enough to take down hard obstacles. But should be kept in action in order to learn and excel in ranks.

Principe (1200)- regular speedballers for several years

These have all the gear and leftovers to spare. Theese know the basic techniques of utilising bunkers and the play field. These are skilled enough to take on more difficult tasks. These should be mixed with Hastati so the newbies are able to learn not only from own experience but from Principe skill as well.

Triarii (600) – won tournaments at some point.

Tournament winners own precisely what they need to win. These are actively training themselves also of the field. Romans used these as the last stand. In paintball these should be given the freedom to create opportunities of own choices. Few active paintballers enjoy being the back player guarding the flanks as Roman Triarii did. The skill should instead be utilised as these players best see fit for their style of play. Special missions and reinforcing or taking back critical leverage points.

Equites (300) – Cavalry represented by vehicles or special less mortal units.

In Roman standards these were aristocrats or rich landowners affording horses. In paintball we are all equal. The rich aristocrat may be the field or general who orders these vehicles to the field. Horsemen was mobile and could outrun foot soldiers and regroup to attack footsoldiers flanks. The tanks operate similarly. They are more protected and mobile than a pinned down player and are used to destroy leverage points creating flanking opportunities. As cavalry wasn’t immortal equally are Tanks  also possible to destroy, with nerf action.



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