PB action camera

Many paintballing youtubers collect video footage of own games. This is article describes own experiences of helmet mounts and alternative options.

Many talk about Go Pro and professionals use Contour cameras. I however have discovered the cheapest 4K cameras are sufficient enough. The cases and lenses will get damaged. For the prize of a replacement case for any action camera you get an entire new set to record with, if you choose the cheaper alternatives.

I have so far experience of Sony’s action cameras but am downgrading the prize so I can get more different camera angles to record with.

Good action angles are worth more than recording your bunker in 4k.

Camera angles:

  • I have found out having the camera on top of your head, the lense will fog up of your sweat fumes. The footage will show a lot of hopper and capturing opponents you yourself can not spot behind the bunker as playing. (ziptied mount on JT Flex8)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBcKTrDDjf8&t=748s

  • Having it on your side is fairly good when the action is at that side. You need dual head cameras to cover both sides so you don’t miss any good action even if the other camera is behind a bunker. (zip tied and velcro on Proto FS switch))
  • Having it on top or in front of your lense can make the mask front heavy, the risk of fogging is still eminent.  (zip tied on a JT Proflex)
  • Having the camera on your gun. Gives good action footage of the actual hits. But you must mask the noise with other more pleasant sounds. This is good mount for any scope cams recording enlarged hit views. Draw back is you get very little action footage per mega byte. You need to edit most of the ground pictures of your recordings.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkdxFFMLGag

  • You have an external camera man following you as you play. This gives a real good variation in edits since observer can see your surroundings and what you are dealing with. This is resource demanding and it can be good to lend your wing man a secondary prepped mask to get these scenes.
  • Another good option is to record backwards from your gun camera to capture your intense duels.


sourrce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIFutqipXo8

  • A last image can be a birds eye view capturing troop movements. This requires almost a passive n
  •  onplaying cameraman. Walking around wit a pole mounted camera.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlCL1oDjVNg

With only one camera angle you will get static motion picture but when adding cuts from different viewpoints your movie becomes more of a complete story. You need an entire team making such movies. You are able to create much by yourself if having several cameras on you or your teammates.

The more you record the more boring the editing will be. You are tempted to collect all interesting parts you was engaged in in very long movies. But if you create movies for an audience you must focus on about 5 min short movies, 15 at max most preferably not that long. The shorter you can present a beginning, story, and ending the easier it will be to consume for majority of uninvested followers.

It may feel little rewarding to condense an entire weekend of play into 5 minute frame. You are however able to create sequels. Five minute sequels are easier to consume, digest and rewind than a prolonged mammuth long footages.

The micro projects require a lot of key words, thumbnails and good descriptions to get caught in the interweb. If one succeeds to catch the audience it will be attracting attention to your other creations as well. Imagine to fail with one long movie, or giving one of your short movies a possibility to succeed. Witch alternative do you prefer?

The more you fail the better you learn. If you don’t try you wont succeed. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Virtue Vio – This mask is very difficult to mount a camera on. It has tilted sides why the angle will capture action from your peripheral view rather than in focal point.

JT-Flex8 full head – Good to get a semi birds eye view of the action. Good for referees to record with.

JT-Proflex – Can be mounted with a lens cam fairly easily, but you need to support the anchoring points with hard materials so your mask won’t tear apart.

Proto FS- Switch – The sides offer good surface to capture what is happening in your focal point.

Masks I haven’t yet tried are Dye I4 but many recommend it, Dye I5 is designed specifically to carry side mounts.i5-cam_1024x

Source: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1266/1745/products/i5-cam_1024x.jpg?v=1484243457


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