PB High End markers

The reader must know I have not tested all of these markers but collected some information on what people say on them.

Below is listed six high end markers. Some are more popular than others and there are even more high end markers out there but these are the ones I am familiar wit and have seen in action.

Luxe Ice


Source: https://www.paintballruinedmylife.com/2016/02/23/dlx-ice-pictures/https://www.paintballruinedmylife.com/2016/02/23/dlx-ice-pictures/

This is a marker that keeps its prize as second hand market. It is said to consume a lot of lube. People recommend its smoothness, it barely has any barrel rize between shots. However GOGs markers are claimed to have the same regulator as this one and as does the SP Shocker. DLX Luxes’ shot quality is defined by the bolt design.


planetgeocs1gun-sandgold-2tSource: http://www.ansgear.com/Planet_Eclipse_Geo_CS1_Paintball_Gun_p/planetgeocs1gun-sandgold.htm

This is a spool valve marker. Spools have traditionally been more silent than poppets and this is exceptionally quiet. The 9V battery has been changed into 2 AA batteries witch are easier to find in general stores. Good in a way since you can purchase a big pack rather than two separate small packs when distributing batteries to your marker as well as your loader. Fairly easy to maintenance and uses thick grease to lubricate the bolt orings.The spoolies is claimed to fly more straight and further but waists a bit more air instead.



Source: http://planeteclipse.com/markers/view/lv1p1pro

The ego11 was the last loud poppet as LV markers suddenly could compete with the silent sound signature of spoolies. The main difference between Eclipses spools and poppets are the air efficiency. LV1.1 is one of the most air efficient markers at the market. This poppet is also said to lob the balls. A feature good to take out snake players. The service of this marker is extremely fast and easy however the settings fine tuning extremely complex.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V93CJIyOdU



Source: http://www.ansgear.com/Empire_Vanquish_2_0_Paintball_Gun_Black_Cherry_p/empirevanquish2.0blackcherry.htm

This marker I have the least knowledge of since so few uses these. More people are satisfied to use the Axes instead. The main complaint people tend to have with these markers are the maintenance limitations. Bolt is the only thing you are allowed to service without a proper tec. Regulator, solenoid and circuit board needs certified tech if cherishing the warranty of the marker. Can be a pain to find a certified teck between tournament games why the axe as a cheaper alternative is sensible.


Clone 5


Source: http://www.virtuepb.com/site/clone-5-paintball-gun-macdev-clone-5/

This is said to be even more air efficient than Lv1.1 but the comparison is difficult to prove, since climate varies from place to place and so do the balls. These must be evaluated side by side for any comparison in air efficiency to be verified. This is said to transport the paint exactly where intended. With this marker you need  to ”overcompensate” the least for trajectory, movement or wind etc. Another interesting feature with this marker is that you are able to strip the handle and replace (downgrade/upgrade) shot engine from drone 2 to it, if wanted.



Source; http://www.dyepaintball.eu/en/m2-black-gold.html

This marker offers something no other does. In its basic format it offers a larger and easy operational display. The option joystick is also worth paying for. Upgraded you are able to wirelessly recharge the marker and also get feedback as a shot count, if needed it will interact with receiver in your mask. These features are all great but the air consumption of sk ”billy wing bolt” resembles any woodsball marker. For a low prize you get a lot of technology no other yet offers. What you will not get in the prize is air efficiency. You just need to evaluate what your priorities are.

Airsoft note

For the prize of these paintball markers you would get pretty qualitative ”airsoft-gun” but if comparing with the ease of maintenance and technology built in. The settings in airsoft guns are not presented visually on a display as in Paintball markers. You must count light dots and press the trigger specified amount of times to program these expensive high end airsoft guns.

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