PB marker recommendations

Entry level

Entry level recommendations for a paintball markers. These don’t have displays but functions well as a few times a year used marker and can be still used if the appetite grows.

Gog eXTCy



This markers predecessor is the legendary Ion and this variant has all necessary upgrades included one might incorporate to its budget variant eNEMy. The stock barrel is only 12 inches and which is far greater than the eNEMy barrel. Also the woodsball variant ,G1,  would be another alternative to recommend but it as well needs upgrades why it might not be worth the money at the end.

Tippmann Cronus



Reliable and durable marker you can attach tacticool gear on. Despite its engine is a 98, this is better than original 98 and A5 since it is hoze les and it uses A5 treads, offering more barrel options than the traditional 98. Cyclone and mag fed upgrades are not possible if that is you preference.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2



This gun has it all as the prize can reveal but is it worth it? It has the same features as a tournament level gun and is more durable than the most high end CS1 marker. The bolt system is the same as in gteck’s and is able to compete on tournament level. It comes with an easy operated on and of ASA, good feedneck with a lever and a two piece 14 inch barrel. These are the most important elements one might upgrade entry level markers with.

Azodin KPC



This is the cheapest quality pump I know. It is claimed to be more accurate on same paint than its big brother KP3. If you want to try out the pump realm, enter it wit this. No need to purchase ”the right at once” but you get a feel of what you are looking for in a pump within a reasonable cost. Empire Sniper has two piece barrel with several sized backs and full auto feature, but such are not worth paying triple for if you are not going to use them.

You may compete with entry level markers but use them as secondary backup if primary tournament marker takes too long time to service in between games.

In my mind. if purchasing any other markers you are looking for other values than optimal functionality for the prize point (brand, looks, ergonomics, discount offers etc.).

Honorable alternatives that did not get my recommended are Proto Rize Maxed, Empire Mini GS, Tippmann Crossover and Empire Sniper. These do offer value for money but that money could be spent more wisely elsewhere if playing as noob. Azodin Khaos 2 offers also great value for money and could be recommended as a lightweight and sleek alternative for Cronus.


Tournament level markers

You are able to compete with woodsball markers however a clear display helps you to keep on playing when ever having issues. You don’t need to count led flashes and can quickly adjust your dwell as well as conduct ”on the run” strip down for service. At tournaments time is of essence. You barely have time to take a sip of water between games and you do definitely not have time to strip down a traditional Tippman 98.

Planet Eclipse Gteck 160R



Supposed to be as good as former geo 3.5 and a budget variant of CS1. You are able to get almost 10 pods out of this on a 68/4500. The user interface is a bit simplified than on Geos but has a display to operate with.

Shocker RSX



In its original form it is a bit old but this RXS variant gives also good value for the money with its freak ready barrel. Many likes it as a cheaper variant of DXL Luxes. A barrel upgrade could can be managed thru resizing only a cheap insert.

Dye M2



This marker is a bit expensive side and it competes on pro level. The reason I present this is due to its user interface which is the best available up to this date. The marker however is wasting air but as long as you are using less than 8 pods per game you will be fine. You can get good campaign deals on this marker why it is listed together with the other mid range markers. I recommend to purchase it used.

Honorable candidates that didn’t get my recommendations are the Empire Axe 2.0, it lacks so many upgrades and in Empire Axe Pro the necessary upgrades are present but overpriced.

Pro level markers

More of these in high end marker review. You should consider these markers only to reward yourself when excelling as tournament player and winning some games.

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