Tippmann vs. Eclipse

Often I hear people recommend Tippmann 98 for noobs. In a way it is sensible since it is mechanical and there is no need to change electronically powered eyes, solenoid nor boards which can be unnecessary added consumable.

I say go for Tippmann 98 if you are playing once or twice each year. Why buy in that case, if saving money is your aim then go for rentals? If you are playing a bit more regularly do not for the love of god go for that marker.

Why! You will most frequently blow your O-rings together with detents. To change these on a Tippmann 98 is behind so much work it is not funny. Any Planet Eclipse marker will be way easier to service than Tippmanns. In some cases you don’t even need tools to open up an Eclipse marker where most of the Tippmanns need those. To lube Eclipse marker is far easier than a Tippmann. To conduct on the run maintenance on a 98 will take very much longer than on a Eclipse marker.

It may be true that a Tippmann might need less service in between lubing since it is an robust machine and can take heavy beating in mud and dirt. In equal conditions the electronic boards of Eclipse markers will fry due to the humid and damp environments. If the cost of replacing boards is an issue for you to choose mechanical why not try autococker or pump.

Nowadays you have the Emeck and MG100 from Planet Eclipse thees have no boards and are aprized beyond belief.

Due to the ease of regular maintenance is why I recommend electronic markers above mechanical.

Other mec. brands offer more value for money as ex. Azodin markers could be worth it since they are better stacked with built in features.  However if you want anything better than that you need to purchase expensive upgrades to it. For the cost of upgrading a meck marker to the Eclipse standard you will get cheaper of choosing Eclipse in the first place.

The reason I compare Tippmann and Planet Eclipse against each other is not for their compatibility as markers but for their brand value as reliable markers which just ”goes on, going on”.

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