Tippmann VS. Azodin

In this article I will compare Tippmann markers against Azodin markers since both are regarded as low budget, entry level markers.
The more features a marker offers for the prize the better it is initially considered. 10 and 12 inch barrels are regarded as in need for barrel upgrade, as for 14 inch two piece barrel is considered to be the end result of any barrel upgrade.
Clamping feedneck gives you the possibility to quickly flip different loaders on, you are not relying on one and only loader taped to fit the feedneck.
On/off ASA is also considered to save O-rings when controlling the purge from the system.
Additional value adding features not considered in this comparison is quick release bolt system (included in Azodin models) and ease of maintenance. Nor are the added value thru butstocks regarded in this article.
The following examples are collected from http://www.ansgear.com since it is the largest collective database of paintball related equipment.

The Azodin arsenal:


  • Azodin EVO 2 at 250 Is electronic marker with all you need to get started


  • Azoding KD II for 200 is a mechanical marker with all you need to get started

There are even cheaper variants of these but those are so stripped down they need to be upgraded.


  • Azodin Kaos 2 for 100 to correlate with Tippmann Cronus or


  • Blitz 3 for 160 to compare with Tippmann 98, prizewize.


  • Azodin pumps can be acquired as single barrel variant KPC for 200 and


  • KP3 for 300 with ball detents and two piece barrel.

Tippmann alternatives:

  • Stryker XR1 for 250 gives you electronic marker with no ad ons.


  • You can get a loader and Apex for 320 if choosing the AR1 model instead, no need of clamping feed neck but the on of ASA is still missing.


  • Cronus for 85 gives you the cheapest mec mode marker without any ad ons. Note, no visible macroline!


  • 98 custom ATC for 150, there are no adons but you are able to use Cyclone feed witch in a way eliminates the need of clamping feedneck.


  • Tippmann does not offer pump anymore but alternatively mag fed option thru TMC for 200. This has no ad ons. Also here the macroline is hidden.


Here I have listed theese markers side by side in an separate comparison Table.


It is much up to your preference what you want. Woods ball markers lacks many necessary features a regular paintball marker has but offers you picatinny rails to make the marker even heavier with attached gear for additional invested sums (action cameras, sights, scopes, lights etc)
With everything built in you get EVO2 or Stryker AR1?
For the prize of EVO2 you are able to purchase a simplified Proto Rize. You will get a lot smoother shot. However if you want to match up the same equipment standard you need to pay more than for a Stryker AR1 in a Proto Rize maxxed.
But if you spend that much money, Empire Mini GS will be more sensible. Yet again you will get only one piece barrel so if you spend a little bit more you will get a uber quiet and smooth all inclusive tournament level marker in Etha 2.


  • High End: If you are prepared to step up some more you almost need to look for used tournament markers before Planet Eclipse Gteck 160R and HK Shocker becomes sensible.
  • Value for money: But if your absolute max is 200 go mechanical. KD II, KPC and TCM are alternatives giving you most value for the money. No high end producer is able to compete at this level.
  • Budget marker: But if you want to own the equipment and save on rental fees for the least amount of money you will get what you pay for. Kaos 2 and Cronus are your choices

It all depends on what your preferences are!

Remember it is never logical to overspend on upgrades if you can get them as stock for less.

Also the money spent is better to invest on your local area so you will have a place to return to when the urge to play sets in. There is no point of owning paintball gear if you have nowhere to use them. By purchasing online you will get very little benefits for yourself other than a wide range of variation.

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