Paintball harness

Most of the systems to carry loads on a paintball field, are copied from professional firearms industry. (In tournament play pod packs are sufficient for the task.)

When carrying real firearms one is depending on magazines. These are space consuming and difficult to operate. This is why many prefer to ease the usage by carrying the magazines on the chest. As snipers have clear chest and comfortable fixed working ergonomy. The storming troops have bulky chest rigs with additional kevlar vests. The storming troops are backed up by snipers why these most likely are going to fight up straight.

As paintballer I am not a sniper nor do I use bulky magazines. I prefer to use either tubes for pump play or pods for regular play. Since my playstyle requires a lot of crawling I can not put anything bulky on my chest. Thus I am carrying the pods behind me as in tournament play. My attempt is to minimize own profile by having them on my back rather than easily retractable on the sides. I have also come to understand that vertical pods consume lot of useful space and are difficult to set up for minimizing target profile.

I prefer to carry light load so I can focus on the play rather than on an endurance exercise. All I need is 3 pods/hour.

I also need to carry things I can not cope without if they get stolen, car keys and wallet. A regular pod pack and paintball pants can’t securely carry these why I need a carry system for transport these with me in games.

_DSC5146I have chosen to equip a harness with a radio pouch so I am able to read the game better with a short wave radio with me. I also need a pouch to carry on my wallet and eventual Game ID. I don’t care for water bladders witch can be embedded inside. I prefer a regular pet bottle with a hose to my mask. This way I can renew the bottle once a week and also change to whatever beverage is accessible, (soda, cola, tap water etc). This is all I need to carry with me on the field. Most likely I won’t survive one complete hour in a game and return to spawn for refill.

As harness I use BT harness since it was the only one available in my county. I could have purchased from larger global online stores the harness of my own desire. But this was sufficient enough so I could support my local Paintball companies.

I was having my eyes on Dyes molle pod packs but got Volcano 2+3 pod pack instead. I was a bit disappointed in the selection in my country was so limited. But after testing the pod pack I noticed how it was easier to use than my tournament Empire pod pack. The Pod straps had easygrip lids. The pod stayed in as it should and was easy to retract from the back. I also thought of acquiring a drop pouch since I lost one pod in big games, as missplacing one strap on the wrong podholder. But reinserting an empty pod in my Volcano pod was extremely easy to put in correctly. This is why I decided to acquire more of these for next setups I might build some time. Initially I was thinking of having 2 of those but realised one gives me flexibility enough to waist up to 5 pods/game if needed.

The radio pouch was some random cheap one. The belt buckle on it may be a small target but my goal is to change that pouch with one with velcro lid so paint will bounce of. In it I store my car keys and universal toolkit to adjust velocities and for on the run maintenance on the field.

The wallet is also a random system but suits well to carry my money and papers in it.

As mentioned I don’t like the hygiene of one permanent water bladders why I prefer hose to a changeable pet bottle. You can regularly change into fresh and clean bottles. If the hose ever gets filthy it will be easy to replace with another one. The mouthpiece could be dishwashed if needed. I use a simple 2 x 8 vertical molle pouch to carry my bottle. However I am looking into updating such holder setup.

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