The reason I begun to use spires was due to their ability to handle rebals as we had a local rebal field back then. The spire worked flawlessly why I’ve now upgraded to a better one.

I’ve nothing to complain on my previous Spire 260 other than the service lid is a bit fragile. It has held on me but teammates has needed to replace them. The design of Spire is not appealing but the functionality and paintwork does compensate for the design.

By now there has come TFX2 and LVL loaders but theese are too loud for me as spire shuts up when inactive. Only Rotor can compete with spire but it jams with rebals.

Improved features:

  • Service lid is removed and replaced with a hinge lever.
  • Drive cone is easily removeable and the fins separately replaceable
  • It can be programmed/calibrated in an android device.
  • Has low paint ”training” indicator.
  • The board can be easily stripped of when submerged for cleaning.

Bad features.

  • Despite the on off button profile is reversed the detail parts are made of very cheap plastic.
  • On and off is more difficult to engage. This feature has been fixed in the next production bach!
  • The service lid is more difficult to pop open
  • The speedfeed must be worn down before it starts to function as intended, (close/open).

Next step in evolution for spire III +60 (aka 360):

  • Improve the casting mold so the pieces fits together.
  • More programmable features
  • Integrated Evoke/MosAir module
  • High cap / whale cap
  • More color variants

How it turned out:

  • Spire got improved details
  • Yet the programming and Integration with interactive platforms awaits.
  • A high cap lid has been distributed, (capasity up to 2 hole pods 280 balls).
  • Color variants decreased. (Limited edition batches circles around)
  • IMG_20180425_045002_20180425072610300

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