Salon Pelipuisto – 2017

The day begun 12:00 with walking the field and cleansing debree of the way. Preparations took a while until everyone was set to go.
I believe at this point we play 3 on 5. Three a bit more experienced players against five once a year players.
I missed to capture some games since I forgot I had the camera with me. But in this footage you see a battle between hillside and valley side team. I was in the valley pushing up to the building.
The hill side can reach quite fast all the way along the tapeline to the other end of the field. When I arrived to the scene my attempt was to block of anyone from threatening our flank from the building as the tape line would be the prime fighting direction.
As expected in front of the house I get first contact. I go down and return fire. My attempt is to prevent them from penetrating any further. The house can not be reached yet.
I shade of the house side with the constructed bunker as I play against the opponent by the tapeline. To throw him of guard I tire to pop you at different spots. The house does not suppress me why I test to snapshot from the right side as well.
My teammates manages to take out at least two players and have now secured the building. Now there is less angles aiming at me why I can pop also straight up from the cover to confront the tapeline player.
There is no one taking aim at me why I relax a bit more and go prone. I should have continued to lure ”snipers” to reveal them selves by swaying in unpredictable pattern on and of from cover.
I managed to block of my side of the field as teammates swept clean the other side. I warn my teammates of previous threat who is not engaging.
As we do the body count and start to calculate if we have won there is some resistance painting us. Luckily he takes aim at me since I have the largest cover and can quickly take cover behind it. My teammates knows now of the treat. I try to keep him engaged on me when posting out. My plan works. The teammate all on the open has time to find shadow and the guy in the building can shoot crossfire at him.1_1
Unfortunately I miss him and he gets me. As I am out he can turn towards the guy in the building and since he has not as good cover he is also shot out. Luckily the player all in the open manages to finish the deal and secure victory for our team on 1 on 1.

In the first sequence three players defend the building against five players. A me an my mate charge from the valley side I suppress the entrance so my mate can advance up. As he Is in place I can move up.
As I moved up I see one defender out in the open, the camera angle does not capture this. I try to one shot him but there is so much twigs and brushes in the way I can not reach him. I try to hop up above it but the drop is above him. Somehow I manage to penetrate the brush with a series of balls and tag him out.
As I evaluate my next move I get blind fired upon. I don’t know it at that time but the splatter accuracy is impressive. I manage to stay low and alive. As the rain stops I cut of his angle and move up from his blind spot.
At this time another defender is taken out from the game, one last left inside. As I attempt to communicate this I see movement and try to hit the target.
I shoot four shots. The first one lands on a tractor in front of him alerting him of me. The next one flies inches above his head. The very next one would have hit on spot but he managed to tuck down and the fourth ball give me information what lane to keep preventing him from getting sight of me.2_1
I am out in the open why I search for more cover and a better angle. I managed to distract him enough the one defender gets it from the front and rear and we conquer the building.
In the next game there are five defenders and six attackers from three different locations. I ascend from the hill side down laining the defenders in. I keep my posture up if anyone dares to peak out. Down by the house I evaluate what side to work with and start to operate against the rear entrance. Teammate on the other side of the entrance is too far away to be effective so I signal him to move up and lock them inside so a third teammate can move up.
As I am closest I begin to slice of the treat inside. I am seeing a strange silhouette witch I fire upon and the very next second I see a player who gets a ball in the slice. The other side has some success as well. We have taken out 2 players. As I turn more inwards I see a layer cross the room whom I shoo tout.
 This entrance is seriously weakened. As I check for my backup I se how I am in the line of fire for a teammate why I release the line and approach from the other side instead.
Here I anticipate a stronger defense why I approach with cautiousness. I am not sure of who we have left why I can t rely on the distant opening to be safe. As nothing is poping out I grow more confident. Recognizing a door gap to be a treat but it appears to be abandoned as well. I get contact from the inside corner behind the first door. I paint it down and have dominance of that corner.
Unfortunately I am keen on playing against a hole in the wall. The player by the hole has % much better cover than me however good my snap shooting might be. I should have rethought my approach rather than get shot out.
If I would have stayed a live I could have informed the others how serious the treat was. Behind the house they manage to take one out but it seems to be a trade of 2 to 1 for the defenders.
One left inside playing against two attackers.
One attacker charges straight in to the line of fire witch I couldn’t warn about. The last attacker tries to blind fire in the same whole witch I couldn’t with precision snap shoot at. The result is quite clear. The defenders victory.

In the third footage there are some mixed games.
The first game incorporates a respawn rule why the game can only be won when placing a ”price” in predestined location. (gas canister in a barrel).
I start with throwing a lane ahead of their ascend path. I was hit as well and tap the respawn to get back in the game, where after I start to protect the behind of the house so we wont get flanked from behind. A teammate is respawn trapped and I assist him to get out of it.
As I see a majority of their team heading for respawn I call out for our team to push up. Luckily there is no need since our runner has already got the prize and won the game for our team.
In the next game there is house defending again. I start of by laning the defenders inside and trade some paint thru a small gap in between construction elements. Since this was not having any impact I moved closer up by placing the landscape in between me and the house entrance.
As I get up There is a teammate with me to engage the entrance. We can hear how the front entrances are engaged. so we put some preassure inside.
He goes low I cover him high. Unfortunately he looses the corner. As he leaves I am able to sweep in and take one clean shot in a defender crowching behind a wall on the right side. Since anyone inside is most likely aware of the treat by now I wanted to have them second guessing if I am still by the back door or elsewhere so I go to the front.
Apparently it has become a one on one. I keep my marker posted on the hole in the wall as I engage the corner. I snap shoot behind the corner and my stealth is wasted. I should have continued to push up. But stay to listen If I can hear any movement. I’ve lost the element of surprise. I keep on pushing now and clear the first corner then I clear the next corner. But as I expect opponent to be crouched behind the back corner the opponent spots me and fires on me. I correct my gun posture and get some shots out before taking cover. I charge out to put him in and I have gained the corner. 3_2As I try not to be overeager throwing my self in the line of fire and scan the situation. I scope the gaps for movement but se no one. I sweep all around inside and no one is alive inside.
I am not sure If I won or if the game is still on. Apparently it was allowed for the defenders to step outside 2m and circle around. I enter the building again and aim to make a reverse sweep. But being out of focused I peek at wrong direction at a critical moment and missing a shot that the defender could unchallenged take. And I was out.
The last footage shows some techniques. If you have the numbers on your side widen the angles. It becomes very difficult to operate from behind a bunker if you are pinned down on both sides. Initially they do it right but then being over eager the other player tries to find even wider angle by exposing himself right out in the open, he was easily picked out. The last move shows why it is good to hug the tapeline. If you know no one is at your other side you are free to focus on only one direction as everything behind you is already secured.

At this game format we play hill vs valley. Two guys go to the right tape line and two to the left so I take the center. I use the building as shield and as I approach the building I rely my teammates to suppress anyone inside it. I focus my attention to the back corner.
Since I see opponent all the way down I can not go to secure the back door. I attempt to engage the opponent.4_1 I try to lane ahead of him but shoot blanks. While I shake he runs for it and my lane is falling behind him. Empty again and shake yet again. First one ahead of him and the second one behind him. Then I suppress him behind his cover. Suddenly I see movement in my peripheral view and see a bright colored luxe moving in the air. I shoot at that direction and get the player holding it. As I do this I am completely exposed for the first guy. 4_2Luckily he misses twice and I dodge. Unfortunately my accuracy isn’t what it should be. The balls fly over his head. As he manages to lane me down I want to change angles. I remember having build an ”eagels nest ” to my right. I forgot how low it was. Should have evaluated my options before rushing for it. Well inside the nest I couldn’t catch cover since it was so low. I should have run behind it so I could have used my strong side to catch him from his weak side. I was easy pray for him.
My right side must have fallen at some point since now our right flank was unchallenged and he could advance ahead. He circled all around the field and begun to head back to his home base. At this stage I believe my left flank have pushed up since there is some fighting going on. Apparently left side collapsed as well and the opponents are fighting each other. Du the their internal skirmish I thought we won but closer inspection of players left it appears the only ones left are enemy players.

Good games, I will definitely do the games again. The paint however I can manage without. Headhunter Assassin is the worst kind of paint I have yet encountered and yet it costs more than speedball training paint. I garade the paint with four stars out of 12 possible. The ball has a thick shell and does not break easily (*). When thrown it shows some color but spread on a wider area you can not see the colour(*). I guess the paint needed warmer conditions to function sufficiently. During the day we had rain as well as sun shine so the sensitivity could be said to be very rough(*). The stored paint doesn’t need to buckle up as the fresh paint is already deformed (*).

The paint selection is one strong leverage why I might not return to this field if the paint quality for the prize point won’t improve. Formula 13 (8stars) has more brittle shell but I would return only if the paint is as good as alpha sniper, 6 stars.

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