Virtue VIO XS


In theory Vios are decent mask. i4 is the best looking but it doesn’t function well. Eflex operates well but looks like a low budget mask. Vio operates sufficiently and has nice design features.

Issues I have with the masks It is difficult to mount cameras on it. Without the visor only top mount is possible, and I want the sunshade on.

With my face profile it leaves always a gap in between my cheeks and googles making it possible for fumes to blind my vision. It was an issue only once, when morning dew roze up from the ground. Other than that, it has operated in rain and damp conditions, on icy winter tracks as well as under summer zenith sun.

The contour mask has been a bit snug for me. In all day long scenarios I could taste my own breath in the mouthpiece. My hopes for this new mask is to have it vent much better.

Vio extend in all honour but this XS variant makes ventilation faster thru the sides. Where E-flex adds target surface from the sides but gives breathability.

Were I4 gives you minimal profile, you get a combination of both Eflex and I4 in XS masks. The side profile is cut off as in i4 but the nose cone is extruded to give more air volume underneath.

Most of my hits finds themselves to my shoulders or ribs. When hit on the mask it has always been from the front (needles to say accidents may happen). The side profile is a bit exposing. If I get hit there so what, atleast I get air and that is more important.

Once I got shot from point blank right in my contour mouthpiece. The splatter whipped my face red. My hopes are the flexible rubber will absorb more of the energy before whipping me the next time.


Now after using this a bit more the bounce part does not work if you are charging to the wall. You get bunkered at point blank. Perhaps from distance it works better. I got good touches to my face but didn’t get bruised as I did with a contour mouthpiece.

I also got bunkered from the sides. Eflex might have saved a bit but it doesn’t bother me much when got hit in the jaw bone.


The visor is a complete joke! I have now become to understand why tournament players don’t use visors. Virtues choice of ”hard soft” material makes them deliver factory default broken visors. My visor hooks was all bent up in the box and they can not reach all thru to snap properly. My visor sides are always winging up.


Even if this mask has quick change lense system I am not tempted to clean it more than once a year. A professional paintballer may have the fingers agility to open the snap wit solely fingers. I need a key or other hard pin to woble it out. And during this process the lens is scratching dangerously against surface beneath.

The separate removeable foam is of great value. I don’t want to submerge the foam why it is comfortable to remove it when soaking rest of the frame in a water bucket. However you need to be an engineer to figure out how it is fondled out.

Mouth piece is equally tricky.

After five years of use, my head has begun to grow. I noticed it first on the CMD but I find even this one is squeezing tight on my lobes, slowly building up for a migraine. OIther than that i have been completely satisfied with the XS mask.

I got a point blank shot to my mouth, it was as paintfull as the regular vio hard cover mouthpiece but different. Where the hard cover gave me a mesh bruise from the whipping paint this soft cover bent and allowed the ball to hit my lips. It hurt some but I didn’t get any bruising. I also got flanked on my cheek bone, it hurt as well but the pain was easily shaken off.

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