PB Carbon SC protective pants

The reason I purchased these pants was due to their integrated knee pads and I didn’t have slide pants yet. I can not stand having pressure from normal knee pads on my ties.

After a first couple of trials. I recognise them to be tight even as XL size. At Least they fit me despite the wetsuit tightness. At indoors trials they appear a bit warm but I suppose when the heat is pumped up they will vent at outdoor climate. Cnoddings claim the superman pansar will form and become discrete (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0NSjovwkMs). I have hard time to acknowledge that. If the top pants are made to be light weight and discreet when moving, this protective pant is the opposite. It might be lightweight but it makes me stiff as a knight. It was possible to frog walk but it was not easy nor pleasent.

First action trials: The pants stayed moderate during hot summer breeze while playing. Not hot but not cool either. The stiffness was a bit noticeable but you could still play comfortable enough. Good or bad? If it wouldn’t be for the fact that they operate as unpainted set of clothing one is able to sit in the car without soiling the seats in paint, I might have skipped these. But they serve me so well after practice why I will keep them. Compression effect, maybe I might have been slightly more fresh when coming home than without them.



Image is captured from www.paintballruinedmylife.com and you can find the original retail sellers page Carbon Paintball here.

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