Paintball paint quality

This page collects all the paintball paint I personally have used during my career as a player. Wit this article I hope to guide paintballers in what paintball paint is good quality and what is of lesser quality.

I will compare the paint against each other, rate them on a scale from 0-12 (stars) and also determine how much quality costs in each paint (Qf).

The higher Quality Factor, Qf, the better quality did I get for the prize. Qf is calculated on the best sponsor or discount price I have got on the paint in relation to their individual grading.

The paint in alphabetic order

Alpha sniper: (6 star) – Qf 19(@) (2 cases) R

Art Life: (9star) –  Qf24 (1 case) P

Bejet: (10 star) – Qf 29 (2 cases) P

Bombass: (10 star) – Qf 18(@) (1 case) P

Empire, Formula 13: (8 star) – Qf 27(@) (2 cases) P

Empire, Marballizer: (9star) – Qf 24 (1 case) R

Empire, Premium: (5 star) –  Qf 14 (2 case) R

Headhunter Assassin: (4star) – Qf 10 (1 case) R

Tomahawk, Zero: (Unrated) – Qf na (1 bag) R

Valken, Redemption: (6 star) – Qf 15 (1 bag) P

Volcano Plasma: (5 Star) – Qf 17 (1 case) R

Zoomba: (12 star) – Qf 22 (@) (4 cases) T

@ Refer to the first article before I started to systematically analyse each paint separately.

T=tournament paint, P=overall paint mainly for tournament practice, R=rental paint

Bejet stands out with is high quality for a low price. Surprisingly high quality paint as equally graded bombass is surpassed by low quality paint as Alpha sniper thanks to its prizing. Zoomba is the best quality paint yet tested despite its higher prize. Despite being stored for 2 years Zoomba still outperforms fresh rental paint. Formula 13 offers better price for sufficient enough quality.

I highly recommend the Bejet for its prize for overall playing and on the second place you get Formula 13 for practice and rental/mechanical use. For tournament play I would not sacrifice on quality in how easily the ball brakes and marks the target why Zoomba still remains first choice as tournament paint.





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