PB Mask – JT Flex8


This JT flex 8 paintball mask is a keeper, as a second mask for my kids or fellow players who don’t have good enough gear with them.

  • Lens: Thermal lens does not fog up on you … normally. But heavy morning dew heated by the sun will fog you whatever anti fog spray or fan you use.
  • Breathability: This is one of the better masks I’ve used where the air flows freely. The surface can become damp but the breathing air is as cool as the outside air. In Vio contour the ventilation is worse and you feel the heat of your own breath.
  • Voice: It doesn’t restrict your communication to much.
  • Lens change: It is a complete pain to change the lens. I would not want to change it more than every second year.
  • Safety: It is quite roomy and does not give you a headache after an entire day of games, but can feel a bit wobly. It still stays on tight, it also has additional chin strap. The ear protection is hard and covers only half your ear. Accidents may hurt.
  • Camera mount: Full head version offers good surface to place head cam, however if sweating a lot the fumes might fog up camera lens.

Overall I am happy with the mask but on tournaments I prefer a lightweight and a bit more bling bling in a mask. Some say a flexible mouthpiece will generate bounces in contrast to this masks hard grid. I have yet not managed to recreate any bounce situations with any flexible mouth pieces. Thus it is no different if you use soft or hard mouthpiece.

I have been shot at point blank with both mouthpieces. The hard grid brakes the ball and the residue wips my mouth blooded. The soft grid lets the ball reach all the way to my mouth until breaking. Soft gives less bruising but hurts equally much.

This will be my no 1 reffing or foto shooting mask any day.

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