PB Line of sight


Here is a difficult scenario where line of sight can be used in a game of paintball and also why it can be useless.

Click the image to get to the actual game decoding description. In this scene I am trying to do stealth as I know the house is occupied. I recognize a player in front of the spool but not the one hiding behind the white boxes. I have my barrel raised against the girl in front of the spool as I am attempting to find better angles to enter the building.

As I want to preserve stealth I won’t be risking revealing my self by painting her in so she can turn and battle me at the same time as the guy in the building can lite me up.

How would you have engaged this situation?  (Youtube: ”winter is coming”~10min).

  • I guess I could have been more swift and quick so the girl behind boxes would not have had time to react to me before I took her teammates out.
  • Did I take too big of a bite at once when focusing on two objects at the same time, missing a third? I might have tried to advance in the shade of the tires as stealthy as possible and keep the spool girl out of range as I take out the building.
  • If she still would be unaware of me I would have tried to keep the stealth and slowly sneak into better angles. But yet again the girl in the boxes would have realized my movements and taken me out.
  • If got the building cleared, should I just have to settle to loch my side of and duel with her from the house corner and perhaps that way expose the treat of white boxes to deal with?
  • Or should I have ”run the high way” (run an gun) when the building was cleared?

Do give me your insight and experiences in similar situations.

Here some links how Lars A.K.A DangerMan teaches about line of sight and also a footage of Hiddenhedgehog how he sways behind a tank (~3min) in order to keep snipers of his head.

These are often one on one single combat skills. I promote team skills above independent skills. With another player you are able to leap frog up. As Lars says back man is the eyes and the front man does the combat. If you are two you can play crosfield and keep the opponent out of reach for you. You communicate what you see to your teammates, that way no one can stealth flank you from your blind side.

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