PB Mask – JT ProFlex


This JT proflex paintball mask is a relatively good mask, but due to the lens change difficulties I would rather prefer Empire Eflex with similar design but with quick change thermal lenses.

  • Lens: Thermal lens does not fog up on you on regular usage. This second hand mask was cracked and scratched why it has been of lesser usage. The cracks has slightly fogged on me but not distracted my reffing of children’s games.
  • Breathability: This allows good airflow under the mask. Brad Jonsson prizes this design as the best. I guess he also prefers the Empire eflex. I prefer to slim down side profile from the jaws with Flex8 or with Vio XS. Its my own fault if I expose my eyes but not knowing your cheek peace is revealing you is worse.
  • Voice: It doesn’t restrict your communication to mutch.
  • Lens change: It is a complete pain to change the lens. I would not want to change it more than every second year, this is the main reason I have yet not changed the cracked lens.
  • Safety: I purchased mine as second hand why the chinstrap was cut of and the headstrap quite worn out. Yet it have serve me well when reffing and playing splat games with kids.
  • Camera mount: I tried top mount a camera on it. My elongated Sony action camera was a bit too heavy for the mask and the entire mask could drop down of jumping around. Also the zip ties bent the top soft grid of the mask to the brink of breaking. Back centered go pros might work if top mounted on this mask.

Overall I am satisfied with the mask but I’d prefer the Empire E-flex instead since I need to be able to replace lenses fast depending on if I am indoors, outdoors or in bright sunshine. This is a JT mask with soft mouth piece. I have yet not managed to recreate any bounce situations with any flexible mouth pieces. Thus it is no different if you use soft or hard mouthpiece. Some bend the mouthpiece inside out to get even better venting. The mask looks ugly as F*** if one does so, but it become easier to drink from a water bottle.

If you find good second hand deals on this mask go for it. I you want brand new, do the Empire E-flex instead.31914215_10155791539741973_5086339514486489088_n

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