PB Mask – Proto Switch FS


This proto switch fs paintball mask has served me well. Due to its quick change lense and camo It has been my ”go to” woodsball mask. Due to the ease of side mounting my action cameras on it, it has also followed me into speedball arena as well.

  • Lens: I bought this as second hand and its original clear lense was giving in for fogging slightly. I replaced that with a dark and fresh lense and have not had any problems with it since.
  • Breathability: I’ve not noticed any air problems in this and I’ve used it on speedball field as well as in the woods. However I have masks with better airflow, JT Felx 8.
  • Voice: It doesn’t restrict your communication to mutch.
  • Lens change: The Proto is easiest to change lenses on, much easier than on any Vio.
  • Safety: As second hand purchase the foams might be a bit worn out, why I feel discomfort to use this for extended period of times. One game, ok, but a hole day of activity, no. The flexible mouthpiece is rigid enough not to stretch to your mouth when balls hits it. The ears have fair cover.
  • Camera mount: I prefer to keep the visor on why I used side mount instead. The mount was easy in many different ways; I fixed front of my camera to the cut profiles on the mask with ziptie and the back with velcro to the headstrap.

I like this mask quite well but am looking for a more comfortable mask to use for filming paintball. For shorter period of times this is well performing mask. But it suffers a of rental tightness why a tournament level mask would be more comfortable in a all day activity.

This is still no 1 mask when foto shooting game play.

Other similar links:

  • Vio Contour – Good standard mask for all day activities
  • JT Flex 8 – Good mask with breathability and top mount for action cameras.

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