PB Empire Premium (Paint)

IMG_20170706_213957_resized_20170706_094150599First Encounter 2017

Fresh from the bag paint bore fitted five paintballs for .684 as two stuck in the pipe. One stuck also in a .687 as the other ones rolled thru it.

Measured values .675 – .699 there was no decisive median, on average the balls could be calculated ~ .684. The balls was almost as crazily deformed as Volcano Plasma.

The fill is thick and yellow. The shell is hard and elastic. The thickness of it is medium and the ball brakes poorly. Mostly it bounced and when forcefully broken it had one master crack to spread fill from.

A second trial 2018

On another bach the Premoim I took 15 first balls and Freak sized them. 5 stuck in a .689 Five in a .687 and 2 in .684 and three rolled out. Id say to be on the safe side this bach suits mainly for a .687 freak insert.

  • Ball that went thru my smallest freak (.684) measured: 679-674-677-682-685
  • Ball that stuck in .684 measured:680-686-687-682-681
  • Ball that stuck in .687 measured:676-674-681-681-689
  • Ball that stuck in .689 measured:696-672-684-684-682

Note to my self, don’t ever buy Empire Premium again!


  • (1) Breaking of the ball (*): The ball has a medium thickness and does not always break even as fresh out from the bag.
  • (2) Quality of splatter (* * *): The the paint was thick and clear.
  • (3) Operational temperature(-): They are deformed as factory settings and climate fluctuation will make the balls only egen more tough and elastic. I can shoot them as they are but high velocity variation is to be expected.
  • (4) Longevity(*): The balls was freely packed and yet they are visibly deformed and cautiously dimpled.

The best feature of this ball is its splatter quality as on other aspects it is failing.

Overall rating 5 stars

All time paint comparison

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