PB NXL 2017 Atlantic City Open

This layout was something I was dying to try out and luckily got the chance to test it out at one practice.

Here a description of what to plan for:

Here how his play actually was played:

Here are my own experiences:

This season I have been wall player most of the time. Now I operated as the home base player. It was interesting. When the side guys talked I had it easy to communicate that to the other side. But when they was silent I had to ask what they are doing so I can delegate Intel to the other side.


This is my only attempt to the D side. This move should be quite easy but I apparently can not tuck tight behind Doritos. The Maya guy had an easy drop on me. I cant understand how a ball found its way to my speed feed and tainted all interior of it. I should have had the gun up as it was brake of. He can not have been that fast … or did he sheet and rise own barrel before countdown to reach my hopper being down.

Perhaps he was just fast as the ball did explode in the back if my hoppers interior. I must have been slower razing the marker up.


At first doubling up at home base was easy but quickly the opponent learned to counter that. To survive one would need to spoon the other guy extremely tightly.

At one time The snake player stuck to the can and I waited too long for him to move up. I should have taken initiative to double him or take the risk to reach for the corner.

Being alive in a crossfire? Fine if it retracts many barrels aimed at me but my guys was in no position to flank them so there was no benefits of staying alive. This is why the risk of spreading out would have been more beneficial. The chances to succeed wit it was greater than staying alive doubled up at home base.

One thing I will improve on is to call out where the streams are coming from as long as I am still alive so teammates have at least some Intel of where the opponents are at. Another thing If being alone would be to contest and challenge a lane. If the lane is low go high and paint of the lane. But now we was doubled and locked down. I tried to do this but as I needed more room to operate the crossfire had an easy drop on me.


This is also an interesting case. I followed closely movements to the snake side and called it out. Many times I found it easy to battle with the temple as he would relax. When I played the other side and return he would be extremely exposed to take shots at. But unfortunate this time I must have blinked or something since snake runner made his way completely unseen to the 50. As I was focused on the snake corner player he made a nasty drop on me. I did not see him at any time. My Vio XS mask chopped half of the ball and the other half planted itself to my jawline.logXWlG001

I should have tried out the wall but calculated it out of my repertoire this day. The airgap between the wall and can Is difficult to deal with why it is more efficient against snake players. But mostly the window angles was so bad against snake so the snake could easily sneak you out from the wall. However the wall was efficient on the can and back corner.


It was very interesting to see the other team right from the start. One is not able to hit anyone of the brake why the lane focus should be in front of the can if they delay, and also on the temple. Most of the time The snake side was locked down and it showed in paint consumption. I have never played this much paint from brake of as with this layout. Shooting cross-filed to hold the snake can be tricky since the balls most likely will bounce. At One time I was laning of the snake player. He has fast as a leopard and got two bounces of his chest. But he made it to the corner all alive.

Overall experiences. Interesting field that consumes a lot of paint. Would like to try this out some more. Few goes on the snake a couple to the wall and more experiences from the D side to learn hot to push up as a snake opponent monitors you.

At another practice i tested the wall. The wall has completely different function than before. You do have sweet angles downfield but oponents have equal chanses on you as well. Playing the windows is shortlived but if you play passive waiting game you are able to surprize highway runners.

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