Paintballers first touch to Airsoft

I went to open games of Airsoft this weekend. My motivation for tournament paintball practice has been fading so I needed to find new motivation. In Paintball there are few woods ball events available close by. Thats is why I was expanding my horizons at an Airsoft game.

I was surprised of the turnout how many attended. In paintball it is difficult to scrap up a playable team once a year but in Airsoft you had plenty, one game each weekend.

I went up with my paintball clothes and mask to the game organizer and asked if I may watch on the sidelines and learn what equipment to invest in if getting in to this sport. He welcomed me to join. As I saw someone calibrating his P90 I went over to him and interviewed him about it.

I believe that gun would be my cup of tea since it is light weight and I can keep the barrel up at all time. But he mentioned that almost all airsoft markers have issues. They work at home but on the field you need to maintain them.  I got to borrow an MP5 from his mate. It operated just fine for an inexperienced noob. But when staying prone against the direction of action it was heavy and I needed to find more exposed and comfortable stance. The grass was tall so belly down would only prevent me from seeing up straight standing opponents.

They airsofters I interviewed gracious enough to lend a complete stranger own equipment. Apparently a rare trade in Airsoft according to them.

Something I found interesting is how much contradicting rules airsoft uses.

  • Shoot only on sight; so I conserved my ammo until seeing something. Apparently veterans just sprayed ineffective streams towards the direction of noise and hoping to catch someone.

The game mode might have been a specific one, focusing on splatter. Once shot, you are revived by two simultaneous players. The play seemed a bit unorganized to me, but so has my paintball practice been as well. In a team of 8 men, divide the team in two groups would be sensible: One running team and one base team. If one would be hit two colleagues would be able revive him as a third keeps snipers of the prey. If three gets hit the last one can run a safe rout to base to get medics. This would have been my game plan. But as noob I followed passively along and studied how to play. I tried to keep up with my mentors but the road would expose too much and pushing up on own side would give away my stealth, due to the thick bushes. So I worked with back man.

I found a shady place behind a pine monitoring the noises coming from the other side of the road. I could not see but recognized my team mates ahead was engaged with someone. I still had the element of surprise intact If they attempted to push up across the road.

As the opponent noizes spread wider I made hand signals to my back man of what I hear and see. The flies and moskitos gave away my position since I couldn’t resist keeping them of me. But fortunately the opponent didn’t look towards me.

When the teammates ahead of me called for medic I rushed deeper into the cover of brush so I can make a sharp turn in towards him. I keep focusing on last known sight of enemy towards the road as I could not alone revive my team member. At one point own runner comes along and surpasses us. I believe I have my back protected enough and the runner draws the fire to him but apparently my back side was available for fire so I get hit as well.  In the mean wile despite our colorful deadmans rags we get lit up. Apparently it is viable to shoot at anything that stands out despite dead men repetitively spoke they was out. Perhaps we stood too close to our runner so the opponent streams just spread wide. When the runner was hit as well, half of our team was taken out, leaving almost no one close by to revive us. Recognizing half of our team was to far ahead so we did not know how they had succeeded of failed. So we decided to call it for the game and head back to camp.

Intended setups to play airsoft:

  • Glock with butstock ~400 euro (-)
    • Freaquent but easy to maintenance (0)
    • blowback recoil (-)
    • Light weight (+)
    • Noisy (-)
    • Stabile CQB stance, 3 point acoring (+)
    • Expensive (-)
    • Mobility (+)
    • Rate of fire (-)
    • Magazine prize (-)
    • Value for money (-)
  • MK23 with silenser ~80 euro + + +
    • Rarely have issues but can be medium easy to maintenance (0)
    • No recoil (+)
    • Light weight (+)
    • Element of stealth (+)
    • Unstable handling 1-2 point acoring (-)
    • Cheap (+)
    • Mobility (+)
    • Rate of fire (-)
    • Magazine Prize (-)
    • Value for money (+)
  • P90 ~ 200 Euro + +
    • Has frequent issues, but relatively easy to strip open for maintenance (0)
    • No recoil (+)
    • Light weight (+)
    • Stealth (0)
    • Stabile grip, 3points (+)
    • Expensive (-)
    • Mobile (0)
    • Rate of fire (+)
    • Magazine prize (0) Stock magazines tend to be cheap but brake easily, rifle mag adaptor creates additional cost. Rifle mags are cheap.
    • Can be unjustified to spend this much on unreliable machine (-)

This comparison may be unfair since some elements are more important for someone as others are not relevant for another one. Here are my values I search in the airsoft equipment.

I dont play range sniper, I don’t like passive play why SpeedSoft is my play style. Theese alternatives suits that purpose. I will rely on tecnique to win gun batles, elephant speed, and stealth to blend in to the enviroment.

My stealth does not come from gillie suits but from tactical movement and utilizing the shade with my dark clothes. This is why my targets will be within 25 m of range. I don’t have the time to use ironsights but must rely on muscle memory for trajectories. How am I able to get that close to the oponents? I have not clothes to slowcrawl in the open why I must utilise trenches and bushed and cover I move with noisesdistactions to get to the opponents blind side. I will not hit opponent from the front, only if retreating from an ambush. This is why I have valued the setup acordingly.

My first choice as paintballer entering airsoft will be MK23 as it gives me the most values. Thereafter if apetite grows I might triy out P90 as I get comfortable with repairing Airsoft gear. As last thing to invest in is butstocked Glock if I earn ehough SpeedQB gametime to support the investment.






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