My EDC kit

This is my ”Every Day Carry” items. I favor minimalist kits and this is what I have discovered to work for me.


  • Most used item is the headphones. These I use daily while listening to music while working.
  • Second most used Item is the 2000mAh power bank with cord. When my mobile is out of juice this will give enough play time until getting to a normal charger.
  • I am always missing pens why I have added this as well. Paper could be added as well but I assume there will always be some redundant bills to write notes on.
  • USB stick is important to download important files on the run from misc workstations if you are not able to store items permanently on own computer.
  • The multi tool has been used when repairing my bike or other smaller screwing tasks. It also contains a bottle opener why I don’t need the additional one in the picture.
  • I also am always lacking a nail cutter when realising the nails have grown out, this is why It is in my kit. It can also pick out sticks from the hands or operate as sisors replacement.
  • The flash light is something I very rarely need but when in need it is of great value, power outage as example. Also usefull when arriving to cottage by night. This is dimensioned as small as possible since it will be used so rarely. Yet it will shine as bright as possible for its size. The duration time of battery is of lesser importance since it only needs to light up once before battery change. Any more is only surplus.
  • In the front I have a half mesh pouch containing my pas card to work, stickin always with me.

I tried to incorporate key pocket, mobile carry and wallet in this but the size would grow far too much unable to be carried with you on an everyday basis. This size as is, is almost too big it as well. For me keys, and wallet and mobile works better as separate units carried in pockets.

I am testing whether just the car key in this pouch works for me or is it more work to operate it from within than loos eon a keychain. I could further extend the trial to just the credit card in the front pocket. All the plastics will only fall out why I have them separately on a closed case/wallet.

Items I will ad are comb and plaster. Coambs are always missing when needed and a plasters are easy to cover up messy small bruises.

Also a dial nr card can be useful to carry with you if the tires pop and you need to know what insurance contract you have on the toing.

Not needed items are charging unit, USB cord alone is sufficient. Bigger Power banks, matches, flashlights, or other misk good to have but rarely used items can be placed in an other ”Travelling Utility Pouch” but in everyday situations above mentioned stuff works for me.

Peppers claim they need firearms or blades in their EDC but I can not find any motive to carry one. Main reason is it can be used against you, no need to supply offenders with the means to hurt you. Only professional everyday users are better equipped to handle such items. Another reason not to carry threats with you is to reflect your own mentality to be open and helpful towards others rather than expressing your willingness to hurt another. A third reason is a keen mind can talk one’s way out of trouble or find out alternative methods to defend oneself. ”A pen is mightier than a sword”.


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