New gear:

Kept from last season:

  • Code Pants
  • JT bounce vest
  • Mad Croc Barrel maid
  • Mad Croc 68/4500 with Ninja UL reg and Ninja Spit bottle cover
  • Misk Cooling bag for loaded paint pods
  • Geo 3
  • Sly elbow pads
  • Sony Action Cam x 2
  • Empire finger cut gloves
  • Broken gear bag

Items to be Invested in:

  • Spire 280
  • Carbon paintball pants
  • Carbon SC protective top
  • Exalt Loader case
  • Exalt Tank case

Comments on this years loadout.

The bounce vest is a bit bulky and in need to be slimmed down by Carbons protective top. The Planet Eclipse Jersey offers colour combo 2 ways. Green and/or purple. I had a Purple Vio Contour but wanted something more breathable with the colorneutral grey Vio XS. I do get nasty bunkerings to my jaw but it is worth it. I changed my regular Pod belt to a molle carried one which I can use both at Milennium tournaments and in recreational play. I had spire 260 and downgraded to Spire III but now when the new 280 is available I will upgrade back to the volume Spire. I have had no issues with the Spire III, a bit easier to clean and the colour top stays intact. I am too much of a noob to notice difference between IV core and regular bolt. But what ever air squeeze I can get I will take it. Perhaps has the sound signature become more silent. The pant upgrade is my next move. The Code pants take so much volume in my traveling bag I need to reduce the carry load with the ”self cleaning” Carbon pants. So far the SC protective pants together with Embedded knee protection in PE code pants gives me the freedom from awkward kneepads.

See my last years loadout

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