PB paint freak sized

_DSC6208This article focuses on different paintball paint and determines to define what paint is suitable for witch bore size. This article might live and be updated as I gain more experience from gameplay of different weather conditions.

As is

One variable to keep in mind is how fresh paint fits. However fresh it is from the manufacturing, the delivery chain might vary why the level of freshness must be evaluated fresh ”as is” when first opening a bag. In hot and humid countries the same paint is baking in the transportation vehicles more than in cooler areas. How fast the delivery is made the sun may heat up one side of the transport as the shade side will cool down the exact same batch and the paint behaves differently. One classification ”As is” is defined how paint bores when the bag first is opened.


One needs also to determine how the paint reacts to the elements after a few hours of play (sk . ”seasoned”). At the beginning of a game bore size might be good as the paint is ”as is” fresh, compact. If playing in rain the balls absorbs humidity from the air and expands a bit. Even in hot and sunny conditions the balls could absorb ground vapour and expand as well. This is why one need to reevaluate if underboring gives you sufficient accuracy or are the balls behaving inconsistently and breaking unpredictably. A new bore size might correct such errors.


A third variable to consider in bore sizing is when you have left over paint stored for a longer periods of time in bag or pod. I do not recommend to store openly exposed to the elements in rapidly changing tempered locations. By a radiator or in a freezer will rapidly deform the balls however nicely they are packed. A sealed and fixed temperature in the range between 19-10 degrees Celsius is optimal. You must define how does this form of storage deformed and stall paint behave with a certain bore.

Despite sticking to a favourite paint there might still be inconsistency between batches. As explained before some pallets might be transported at the sunny side as the rest have rested on the shade side etc. Manufacturer might change recipe or shell unannounced in existing brand.

As is”, fresh paint, is borefitted at least with five balls before determining the bore size. ”Seasoned” paint is determined in similar way. The sk ”stored” paint equally.

Five balls must go thru but if underbored additional balls, getting stuck, are declared as (-) and equally the amount of overbored rolling out  are declared as (+)

Paint matching Bore Sizes

Brand Fresh Seasoned Stored
Bombass: .687 .687 —/.687
Empire Premium: — /.689 / + .689 .689
Empire Formla 13: .687 .687 – /.687 / +
Alpha Sniper: .684 .684 -/.684/+
Bejet: .684 -/ .684 .684
Zoomba: .687 .687 – /.687
Headhunter assassin: .684 .684 /+++++ .684
Valken Redemtion: .684 –/ .684 /+++ .687
Vulcano Plasma: .689 (+++++) .689 (+++++) .689(+++++)

2016 evaluation on paint qualities.

Paint tolerances can be updated thru individual paint pages from now on. You find the separate paints in my all time data collection page.

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