This year nothing major happened as far as it comes to paintball related injuries. However I got to remove my appendix which interrupted my practises for the end of this season. I also had all year planned to participate in Big Games as well but was not able to attend due to recovering from surgery. I had acquired some gear I would put in use at the games. This all made me feel very empty and meaningless. Despite I’ve been practicing tournament play all summer it still felt as if I had placed ”all my eggs in one basket” when the big game event was denied me. I had also been testing the gear little by little on many ocation so I knew exactly how to suit up, even if I didn’t got to use the set at bigg games. One must cherish each moment of played game since there is no tomorrow!

Never put all your eggs in one basket! If there are not enough paintball events to attend, throw some eggs in the the basket of airsoft as well. In airsoft there always seems to be someone to play with, why one should never stop if you have an alternative option to continue with. As soon as I recover I will pick up Airsoft as winter practice so I can return even stronger into the sport of paintball when next season starts all over again.

Never stop and wait for the future to give you new chances! You must continuously create own chances. Tomorrow it is already too late!

Some actually paintball related hurts came from working the wall and getting bunkered straight to the ribs. The first time it hurt a lot. But another time it hurt so much so I needed to take a knee and collect myself before leving the field. It was not so bad, I got straight back in the games the very next round as if nothing had happened.

I also used a VIO XS mask this year. I initially thought it would not be so bad, I bellieved that I would mostly get hit from the front on my goggles rather than from the sides. But a couple of times I got knicked on my chin and jawbone from a sneaky snake player. They hurt but I continued to play as nothing had happened. For camera purposes I used Proto FS mask as a change but prefered the breathability of the XS mask better than any other mask. The pain is worth the airflow.


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