Paintball economy

This article discusses the value of money. Should you support the realm of paintball or not! What do you get for the money you put in?

Local support

In a way it is good to support local paintball entrepreneurs. Why because their business affects you directly. If your local entrepreneur goes out of business so it will affect your possibilities to play paintball.

Domestic support

To support foreign brands or not? Your local entrepreneur will most likely give you only cost efficient solutions for your play, meaning the cheapest and most durable meck equipment. You are able to get much wider range of variety from a huge diversity of foreign brands as your local entrepreneur cannot finance such variety for himself.

Where will your hard earned money go?


The RnD has researched the most optimal and fine tuned markers there can be by now. If RnD won’t produce added value the prizes on the equipment and gear will go down.

RnD is expensive. If only producing prototypes the costs will be high. But as soon as you are able to multiply the prototype you are able to break even and make a profit.

Branding also ads a cost but its purpose is to maximize possible profit from products. The better a corporation’s cost efficiency is the better the brands sustainability will become.

Do you support local fields who only serve onetime players with mechanical paint?

Or do you travel farther away to fields who allow your own quality/brittle paint?

You yourself decide what you want to fund!

  1. Fund new unpolished inventions for a high cost as you get the first experiences of the solutions. Possibly involved in the development process in it self.
  2. Purchase cost efficient brand according to own preference, reliability, speed, efficiency etc etc…
  3. Save money and purchase well tested and working but expiring solutions.


A brand cannot manage all these categories successfully and they must take responsibility to focus on own core expertise. A brand may hype own solutions beyond all expectations but it is up to you to join the hype or remain sensible. A brand must stay loyal to its longevity. Equally mus you also stay loyal to your own longevity, don’t go purchasing inventions if you cannot afford to use them. Your objective is to maximise play time rather than owning gear.


Collectors are a breed of themselves. These must do the risk analysis for themselves. To purchase an invention and get stuck with it or later on sell it as a rarity.

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