PB – Live as you preach

I’ve thought of how to play the art of paintball in many numerous ways:

There is a short ABC hot to play: https://tommytuomaala.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/paintball-guidelines/

This is in greater detail how to survive: https://tommytuomaala.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/pb-surviving-paintball/

One could also build up metrics hot to exell more efficiently: https://tommytuomaala.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/pb-effective-learning/

Something Similr in the art of Paintball: https://tommytuomaala.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/the-art-of-paintball-by-tommy-tuomaala/

At my latest game I beat myself up on how I didn’t follow my own advice and experiences, I played lazy. In a way I could have excuse myself for playing for the first time after my surgery. However despite my body may have lost its endurance my mind should still be keen on action.

To demonstrate with the ABC ideas

The fight is only there where you realize it.

Do not engage imagined threats.


No paint was flying from those windows so I was lazy. (I must have understood the situation can change at any given moment) I followed my first rules since I had the other side to work with as well.

Know your angels and stay alive finding flanks.


If I had played it this way. I would have been able to keep them from pushing up. Here the angles are protecting me.

Don’t hesitate and always choose the best possible option, be it deception or seizing opportunities.

In next game there was not much else to do. But learned from my earlier mistake I played it tight from the right side this time. However battling in two fronts at a time is impossible. 003

I chose the best given option. I had teammates ahead and behind me. As I pop in and out to suppress and possibly eliminate the guy inside the building I hear balls rattling rapidly towards me on the right side of the house. I am already engaged why engaging the noise  would consume too much momentum if abandoning my current engagement and regroup in a split second. I would have to go wide and get room to move so I can flip my barrel to the other side instead.

At that time as I am exposed to the crosfield window I might be shot out … I could also have dropped down below the window and got the needed space to maneuver to the right side of the building.

A more inexperienced opponent might have hesitated and rushed slower giving me time to do that. I was relying on the caved defence I had around me. Why I made the decision to engage building crosfield.

As there was no teammate left to eliminate the runner, I was knifed out. I surrendered since I honestly would not have had time to turn at trade with him.

What would have made the difference? Perhaps better field awareness of how own teammates was positioned what their angles on opponent positions were. But also faster and more intense communication so everyone could react immediately when a treat emerged. Sometimes there is just nothing to do about utilised teamwork.

There was many more occasions where I was lazy and took uncalculated risks. It is still comforting to realise I am able to learn from mistakes and improve. As I often say game time is vital when excelling in skill. The more you play the more you experience different situations can calculate what are stupid mistakes and when to seize opportunities.

As I have recovered enough from the surgery I will start working on my stamina so I can play more aggressive and keen on field awareness.

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