PB: Valken Cobra


First impressions: I played wit this once.

It is small and lightweight. As I said I’ve only played this. I can not review it how it is to maintenance. From the picture you will se it has no on-off asa no clamping feedneck and a meck two finger trigger. The safety in my sample got stuck and was very difficult to push into safe mode. They have no barrel bags but a barrel plug. I am used to blade triggers why that profiled trigger was hard to walk.

I prefer electro markers with displays why my review will be bias.

Since it is this small you need perhaps a 90 csi tank to manage get some shoulder support = accuracy. I had a small tank on it and it could not give me shoulder support. Perhaps that is another reason why my running and gunning failed short.

It was quite good and could do its intended job. The small caliber needs some time to get use to. But they flew as accurate as their big brothers. The range and fsp is pretty much equal to 68 cal. The small size of it makes it very maneuverable and suits for rush games. But paintball pistols have still the advantage above this one, (no tank behind).

Is this a hit product? For a speedballer it will not cope. For a scenario gamer neither. But for a kid upgrading from a splatmaster into adult fsp it might. The pain is the same as with regular caliber why the step to upgrade into real gear is too small to waste resources in a middle step.

I recommend it to kids aged 8-12 who have parents permission to handle the pain. If you can not handle the pain one will never return to the paintball again. Only market share I can see for this marker is rental equipment for upgraded kids parties.

I predict this product to be short lived fad. Distribution of 50 cal paint is possible but not as common. Prizing of 50 cal ball is intresting. Are you comparing price/shot or price/weight. 68 cal will prevail as a budget variant paint. If you want similar features as in cobra but in real paintball markers, look at Azodin or other budget markers.

  • Want factor(1-5): – It was a bit cool but not so much I would
  • Need factor (1-5): – Absolutely not, I have more urgent needs to consider.
  • Innovation value (1-5): – 50 cal is a niche that need to be explored more thoroughly so more people can gain earlier and easier access to this sport.

Wants describe desires you are willing to pay for more than the actual material cost. Need desribes the most basic and vital thing one need to actualy play. Innovation describes added valye by new features.


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