Paintball comparison

Paintball Paint Camps

Two kind of paint

I’ve realized there is not one best paintball paint one needs to use. There are at least two camps affecting the user experience on paint.

When searching for the best of the best paint for optimal prize point I’ve come to realize there is not one paint suitable for play, but two.

  1. One is tournament paint, brittle and marks the opponent well (e-guns), this is used mainly by tournament players using electronic markers capable of feeding extremly brittle paint thanks to the electronically regulated shot cycling. Tournaments the paint is also consumed as fresh, 90% of the paint is imidiately consumed. (In practice you may use what ever is cost efficient). You are allowed to play on if the paint hits but doesnt brake or mark.
  2. The other one is mechanical ball, It is almost impossible to brake (monster ball). Rental markers are usually mechanical and needs less downtime while maintained. The rigid consttruction limits possibilities how britle paint one is able to push trhru. The rental paint tend to be purchased in large batches and can be standing for extended amount of time if the field usage is low.  Also ”one timers”, usually calls themselves out regardless if it is a bounce or not.

Mechanical or tournament paint

TheHiddenHedgehog propagates to adopt airsoft rule that a bounce is regarded as a hit. I can sway either way. But this rule would develop another problem. Airsofters also recognizes this when hitting someone out of range, sk cheaters.

Opponent does simply not realize if he is hit when the distance is great enough.  One will most likely not notice if a twig taps you, nor would one notice a low energy ball falling on you.


In my mind a ball must brake and leave clear marking.

If mechanical markers can’t do this why use a broken marker that can’t push thru balls intended to brake and mark its target!

There are even more camps than mec an electro paint; first strike, 50 cal and fluorescent paint but theese are not considered in this article.

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