Paintball Mythology Origins

KronosIn the beginning the visitors saw good potential in earth. Anunnaki was competitive and technologically advanced. Their Scientist wanted to create a random evolution generator with which they could rip open the dimension of foresight. This is why earth became a cluster how the Annunaki could study and reveal the essence of future sights.

The Anunnaki crossbreed with humans and domesticated the race for the task with improved genes.

Some visitors did not like the idea and earthbound visitors engaged in the civil war, resulting in the great flood on earth depleting almost everyone of the Anunnaki except one. Cronos survived.

Cronos aimed to destroy all traces of Anunnaki on earth. But Cronos children came to love humans and fought for them. His children betrayed Cronos and capsuled him in the fabric of time.

The men empowered the children of Cronos. The olympic games was invented in an attempt to please the Gods, as human believed visitors to be. The games suited the descendants of Annunaki right on the spot. With earth technology the immortal visitors children begun to play tag. On earth the humans did the same but with all different result.

Wars raged on earth throughout history, war became more important than worshiping the heritage of the old ”gods”. Litle by little the memory of the gods became lost and their strength weakened. New creatures and shadows entered the realm of men in attempt to free Cronos, by fueling on the desire of conquest by destruction.

However little by little men grew tired of the bloodshed and begun to cherish the way of compassion. Religions praising one god emerged and with it order settled in the world of men.

As the demons still tried to free Cronos by inspiring the idea for 1000 year empire as it was duringRoman times. Liberation of Cronos fell to the ideology of compassion and the unifying god overtaking the Roman population. Still weapons industry accelerated due to the shadows meddling in human affairs and more and more of men got their lives ruined. Once again the world of men united and crushed the threat of hatred which threatened to liberating of Cronos.

But one day by ”divine inspiration” tagging trees gave birth to a new sport respecting the ancient ways as the gods used to play tag, Paintball. Paintball spread like a wildfire until dark creatures attempted to prevent competition to grow among humans. By focusing on cheaters and hating the growth stopped. However the old ”gods” regained some power once again, why we now can experience miracles in real life. Unbelievable moves on the paintball field as if assisted by a supreme presence.

This is why you must be compassionate towards new players and teach them the ropes how to play and what to do in any given situations. By sharing the loving we can keep Cronos bound in time and free ourselves from the algorithm of Anunnaki legacy. Be our own individuals, making the right choices in difficult situations and prevail while exploring new uncharted territories.

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