PB – The GENITAL move

TITANS (4)The GENITAL(genial) move  is based in a gameplay at CTC paintball field. Where I am our teams have dropped out and the situation appears to be 1 on 1 on urban environment.

The gameplay

From breakoff I rush for the left cottage. As I reach my destination I can relax and read the field. I see how they are strong at the right side so I call out their advance by the car for my team. I attempt to block their advance by laining them to their side of the field giving my team time to settle in further up at the field.

As we get midfield position by the 40 I check if the third player might be on my tapeline. I am thinking of pushing up but they are well bunkered crosfield and the distance to next cover is too far to reach. Even If I reach it the angles are so tight to play I might get bunkered again thru the tape line. I decide my best options are back here despite the opponent knows where I am.

I try to survive and won’t get them the opportunity to catch me thru the windows. I can play stronger if blocking of 50% of the field rather than be targeted by 100% of the field if peeking thru the windows.

The gun fires are so scarce I assume I might be only one alive from my team. Teir team can only have max 2 players on the crosside of the field. I get engaged from behind the spool. I am popping out High and low.  I try to be unpredictable after a short pause in the game as if I will appear from the other side, but I check my possibilities on the same side again …


… I am not able to surprise them. Instead I get a few balls dropping to my corner. As I don’t have any element of surprize I must work with the entire bunker and regain momentum. I take a few steps to surprise the last know location of the opponent from the opposite side of the building.

You can see how he gets me ”pants down” I can not understand that he is this far up. I get big time. Right in the gut. I am out, they win.

What to learn

If I know there is one last player left and if I have a teammate. Have him engage and keep him occupied. As he is occupied rush far up. It my teammate is still alive down field let him reengage and give the opponent a false sense of security, also collect myself to aim on spot. Where after snap shoot at his exposed broad side.

If I am all alone. Bind fire a few balls to the side I hope he will be engaged on. As I run perhaps fire a few rounds again to the wall not telling him the direction of where the balls are coming from and when reached far enough. Focus on the task. Either snap shoot on spot or slowly recon to verify his whereabouts.

  • If he is still on the same side of the building he might rush for the flag. Push to better cover to catch him in the open.
  • If he pops put from the other side, do as it was made for me.
  • If he has relocated down field.
    • Rush for it utilising available cover to read if he is on you or not and at the end tag the opposite wall for victory
    • Push up in stealth, don’t lose it. Be patient and bait him out from the unbelievable angle.

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