Paintball Gun batles

snapshootMany times learning to snapshot is the key how to excel in Paintball.

In this article I am discussing how to win one on one gun battles.

Elements one need to get right:

  • Aim on target
  • Stay enough in cover
  • Working your angles
  • Be unpredictable
  • Always on your feet
  • Baiting
  • Slide right

Aiming: you must know/visualise where the ball lands before you pop out of cover. Practice to learn barrel elevation for each required distance. Learn to walk a steady barrel as you shoot.

Staying in cover: Only present minimal surface area of yourself to be hit on. If you are off by one degree you can either be wasting paint in vain or present yourself into opponents lane. You must also know if the cover gives you or your opponent the upper hand. Win against a small hole from far away does not compute. If hes got the smaller cover a lengthy campaign will exhaust him. Get tilted cover to hide behind if he has 90 degree cover. That way you will present slightly less of you before in active range. When snapping out from 90 degree cover your forehead reveals before you are in active position.

Working your angles: Don’t get comfortable. Use your entire cover to pop put from, hi, low, left, right and if safe also above. You are able to paint in a steady lane if you pop out underneath it.

Be unpredictable: Normally one is attempting to gain ground and reduce opponents engagements angles. Read the field and change cover in the shade of others to keep opponent second guessing your location. The faster and more bunkers you use the more angles the opponent needs to guard against. Don’t be afraid to give ground to the opponent. You can bait him into a trap or lesser favourable bunker as you are behind a superior one.

Always on your feet: This means ”never” go belly down. Avoid presenting your heels away from the bunker, play tight. Have your one knee hugging the bunker if the other knee is on ground. This way you will be able to sprint immediately away faster than first raising up and then heading off. If crawling be sure to keep your shooting hand under the marker so you are keeping the barrel of the ground and prepared to fire as you crawl.

Baiting: Humans are addicted to familiar patterns. Offer that.  Two shots on a spot, two shots, keep the other side protected, be prepared to shoot underneath as the opponents learns of your trajectory. If comencing a bunkering manouver. Bunker close by so he has less time to spin on you. Attempt to lure him with your paint to one side as you bunker him from the other side.

Slide right: This is most difficult part for me since I have aged stiff. It also has little to do with direct gun battling, but indirectly it assists in surviving those as well as giving you stealth or faster response time. You can save half seconds of visibility and reaction time if you slide right. You can either jump above or slide underneath sprayed lanes and get into cover. Always keep marker above you sliding hands. You will hurt yourself if the barrel stops your slide on the ground.

When you are battling against multiple opponents you can prevail. Keep calm, read the lanes, hug tight and paint of lanes from you. If possible retreat in the shade to more favourable cover and surprise.

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